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Delaware State Treasurer Chip Flowers has called on the Office of Management and Budget to apologize for the way it has conducted an inquiry into travel expenditures by his office.

The OMB is looking into the whether Flowers and his employees spent more than General Service Administration rate for hotel stays and meals while traveling on state business.

Flowers has said that treasury policy allows him and other members of his department to spend 1.5 times the GSA rate for hotel costs while traveling.

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Questions are being raised about whether employees in the Delaware state Treasurer’s Office are spending more than they should for trips.

During the annual hearing on the department’s budget yesterday Office of Management and Budget officials asked Treasurer Chip Flowers about an explanation of his own travel expenses.

Flowers reimbursed the taxpayers more than $1-thousand for his trip to Alaska for a state Treasurer’s conference.

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Delaware State Treasurer Chip Flowers is coming under attack from Delaware Republicans, who called his office “out of control.”

Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson and Minority Whip Greg Lavelle said they were reacting to a story in the Wilmington News Journal that quoted Flowers as saying that financial records in his office are in disarray or missing.