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A former Somerset County Public Schools ROTC instructor has been charged with making obscene phone calls to a 16 year old student.  

The incident involved 51-year old James McGee.

He allegedly contacted the student who was involved with the ROTC at the J.M. Tawes Technology and Career Center in in March and April of this year.  

He allegedly used the media phone app called “Snapchat” which allows messages and pictures that only last 1-to-10 seconds before disappearing.  

How writers, comedians, and spoken-word artists are forging a new cultural future in Rwanda.

Guests: Lee Slater, Senior Lecturer of Foreign Languages & Literatures at Old Dominion University

Herb Howe, Assistant Professor of African Studies at Georgetown University and author of "Ambiguous Order: Military Forces in African States".


BALTIMORE (AP) - Some Baltimore police accountability activists say they'll protest former Gov. Martin O'Malley's announcement of a possible presidential bid in the city Saturday morning.

Duane Davis of Baltimore Bloc said Thursday that police brutality flourished under O'Malley's "zero-tolerance" law enforcement policies during his seven years as mayor. Davis traces the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a fatal injury in police custody, to O'Malley's policies.

Worcester County Public Schools website

The fight over the education budget in Worcester County was expected to see teachers at Snow Hill High School begin working to the rule.

They met on a grassy knoll where buses drop off students in the morning and are protesting the lack of a pay raise yet again.

Worcester County officials say that there is no money for the $4 million budget increase request by school Superintendent Jerry Wilson.

The county faces a $22 million short fall and it is trying to partially close that with a six cent tax hike.


Shaun Fink has spent much of this year on the Indian River School Board fighting over gay and lesbian issues in the curriculum.

This week he decided to quit the board after “its acquiescence to the homosexual agenda within the district.”

In February the school board adopted a health curriculum that included LGBT terms.

Fink added that while he was leaving he had great affection for his fellow board members.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The Virginia Marine Resources Commission plans to waive the requirement for a recreational fishing license for one weekend.

The free fishing weekend will occur June 5 through June 7. It applies to freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses.

Licenses will still be required in designated stocked trout waters.

Officials say that all other fishing regulations, including size, season, catch limits and gear restrictions will remain in effect.

Georgetown Police Badge

There’s a new police chief in Georgetown.

He’s Randall Hughes whose appointment by Mayor Bill West was approved unanimously by the town council.

Hughes has been with the Delaware State Police for nearly a quarter of a century as well as working for the Department of Homeland Security for five years.

Hughes said he was looking forward to continuing his law enforcement experience.

He will lead a 15 member department.

He replaces interim police chief Captain Ralph "Rusty" Holm who was praised by the mayor.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation to eliminate Delaware's estate tax effective July 1.

The legislation introduced Thursday aligns with a recommendation by a state panel formed by Democratic Gov. Jack Markell.

The panel, which studied how to make Delaware's revenues more predictable and aligned with economic conditions, noted that the estate tax is volatile and brings in little money - only $1.3 million last year.

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A commercial Delaware lab may be able to reopen by next week after possibly getting some live anthrax spores from the Department of Defense.

State health officials say it will take a few days to decontaminate the facility.

The lab was ordered closed last Saturday after the military announced that it may have sent a shipment of anthrax to as many as nine labs across the country.

In addition, state health officials say a worker who is believed to have come into contact with a sample has not displayed any symptoms.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Federal prosecutors say there is easily enough evidence to support former Virginia first lady Maureen McDonnell's public corruption convictions.

In court filings Thursday, prosecutors told the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that it is clear McDonnell took illegal steps to benefit a wealthy vitamin executive who lavished McDonnell and her husband, former Gov. Bob McDonnell, with low-interest loans and expensive gifts.


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