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December 12 9PM- A Chanukah Celebration with Chicago a cappela

Join Jonathan Miller, artistic director of Chicago a cappella and a longtime champion of Jewish choral music, for an inspiring and informative show featuring choral music set to Chanukah texts.

December 13th 9PM- Candles Burning Brightly

Don Rush

It was a snowy weekend.

Estimates of accumulation range from up to 6 inches in Salisbury and Delmar to 4 inches in Pittsville and Dorchester County Friday through Saturday.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports there were several power outages in the region but Delmarva Power reports they were able to quickly respond.

The Salisbury Police Department reported 10 snow related motor vehicle crashes.

In Delaware Sussex County saw the most snow with up to 6 inches over the weekend.

Don Rush

With the winter weather ahead Delmarvans will be depending on forecasters more and more each day.  Delmarva Public Radio's Brian Shane has a look at forecasting and the impact of the changing weather on the peninsula.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - As the number of deaths from opioid overdoses continues to climb, some prosecutors in Maryland are bringing charges of manslaughter and even murder against drug dealers who are supplying users with fatal doses.

The Baltimore Sun reports that prosecutors in seven Maryland counties have brought serious charges in overdose cases. The newspaper found that at least 21 people have been charged with manslaughter in overdose cases since 2014.

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It is now legal to bring firearms into Delaware state parks and forests.

The Delaware Supreme Court ruled that the state’s ban on such weapons was unconstitutional.

The vote on the court was 3-to-2.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that the high court ruled that state agencies did not have the authority to impose regulations that violate rights under the state constitution.

The majority wrote this includes the right to bear arms to protect one's self and family outside the home.

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In 2001, not long after Oklahoma had adopted one of the nation's first universal pre-K programs, researchers from Georgetown University began tracking kids who came out of the program in Tulsa, documenting their academic progress over time.

In a new report published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management today, researchers were able to show that Tulsa's pre-K program has significant, positive effects on students' outcomes and well-being through middle school.

French President Emmanuel Macron, in a not-so-subtle jab at President Trump, has awarded long-term research grants to 18 climate scientists — 13 of them U.S.-based researchers — to relocate to France and pursue their work with the blessing of a government that doesn't cast doubt on the threat of climate change.

The top of the mine shaft at the Prosper-Haniel coal mine in Bottrop, Germany, looks like a big black hole going deep into the earth.

Most people see it as just a tunnel, but Andre Niemann looked into that black hole and saw the future.

No regrets from this soon-to-be-ex-miner

First-ever bitcoin futures trading is now underway

5 hours ago
Dado Ruvic/Illustration

The virtual currency bitcoin is now trading on a major global exchange for the first time.

The first-ever bitcoin futures started trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange on Sunday.

The price of the virtual currency has soared in recent weeks. And so far, it appears investors believe bitcoin will continue to rise in value, the BBC reports.

Some also see futures trading as a sign that bitcoin is creeping into the mainstream.

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Classical Music News

Classical music has never lived in a bubble. For centuries, it's always found common ground with folk music.

Enter, the Danish String Quartet.

Richard Reed Parry plays to arenas full of fans as a member of the Grammy-winning band Arcade Fire, but he impressed listeners in 2014 with a more intimate record. Parry's Music For Heart And Breath featured compositions that asked some of the best musicians in contemporary classical music to use their own heartbeats and breathing to guide their performances.

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