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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware public health officials say the death toll from the flu has risen to 18.

Officials are reporting eight new deaths, six in the past week and two others that occurred earlier in the flu season but were just recently reported.

All of the six individuals who died last week were from New Castle County, and none had gotten the flu vaccine.  All but one had underlying health conditions. The two previous deaths involved Kent County residents, both with multiple underlying health conditions and neither having been vaccinated.

Warm Weather Ahead

7 hours ago
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The temperatures are warming up this week.

In Salisbury they are expected to reach the low 70’s with Wednesday looking at 77 degrees.

These are above average temperatures for this time of year and compares with other record breaking streaks.

Delaware is also expected to temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70’s.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the warm weather is coming from the south and is caused by a high pressure system along the coast.

The Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission wants to determine if vacation rentals are legal in single-family and mobile homes.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the commission made the request earlier this month after Ocean City homeowners complained for years about activities of short-term renters.

If they are not then that would allow resort to ban all rentals in such residential areas that are less than four month and one day.

The Daily Times reports that the commission will be holding a hearing tomorrow night on the issue.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Some officials in Maryland are calling for more transparency of police personnel files and disciplinary records.

The Baltimore Sun reported Saturday that Maryland shields such records from public disclosure. But the recent corruption convictions of some Baltimore police officers have prompted calls for a change. Some officers had faced internal misconduct allegations.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said through a spokeswoman that "the issue of disclosure and transparency warrants a fresh look."

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The U.S. Supreme Court has, once again, declined to hear a Second Amendment case, turning away a constitutional challenge to a 10-day waiting period for the purchase of guns in California. The court's decision not to hear the case came over an angry dissent from conservative Justice Clarence Thomas.

Zadie Smith is justly celebrated for her chameleon-like gifts as a writer. In novels like White Teeth and On Beauty she's ventured deeply into the lives of a multi-racial assortment of immigrants to Great Britain and the United States. Her characters run the gamut from aspirational working-class kids, self-important academics, pensioners, young dancers and, to date, one Chinese-Jewish Londoner with a fixation on Golden Age Hollywood.

The NCAA has confirmed the University of Louisville must give up its 2013 national championship in men's basketball, denying the school's appeal of a decision last year that penalized the Cardinals' program for "arranging striptease dances and sex acts for prospects, student-athletes and others."

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