Route 26

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There will be no adult entertainment in Millville.

That was the unanimous opinion of the town council which voted to ban such businesses from the city limits.

The August 11th decision also banned massage parlors and taprooms.  

WBOC reports that the decision to bar the massage parlors may have been the result of a prostitution outfit operating in two such businesses in Rehoboth Beach last year.

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Bad weather has delayed the widening of Route 26.

The project was to be completed by June 24th of next year.

Yesterday Delaware Department of Transportation advisory group awarded an additional 43 days pushing the completion date back to September 7th of next year.

WBOC reports that Project Manager Mike Delp from the construction firm said that the extensions were to be expected since none had been included in the contract.

Widening Route 26 near Millville is running behind schedule because of the recent bad weather.

The $35 million project began in early January and is expected to be completed within the next 2 and a half years.

Officials with the engineering company say it is still too early to tell if the project will need more time.

The aim is to widen a 4.1 mile stretch of roadway along Assawoman Canal and in the Clarksville area.

In addition there will be an added turning lane, a bike lane and some sidewalks.

A major road widening project for Route 26 in Ocean View saw some congestion this week at the coroner of Atlantic Avenue and Central Avenue.

Construction crews had limited the roadway to just one lane as they began relocating a pipeline.  

It the first phase is expected to take up to six weeks and is part of a larger effort that will take three years to finish and will widen more than four miles of Route 26.

WBOC reports that the engineering firm says there will be no lane closures during the tourist season running from May 15th through September 30th.

The Delaware Department of Transportation has giving a $25 million contract to widen Route 26 near Bethany Beach to the company of George & Lynch.

Their bid was around 8.4 percent lower than what state officials had estimated which was $29.6 million.

Work is set to begin this fall with a completion date in the second half of 2016.

The 4-mile two-lane road will run from Ocean View to Clarksville.