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Eighteen year old Brandon Early has been sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years for the Princess Anne murder of 35-year old Adrian Marshall.

Early was convicted by a first jury of first-degree murder.

The killing took place at Marshall’s home in Princess Anne on Thanksgiving Day of last year.

The trial took place in Dorchester County Circuit Court on a change of venue.

Judge Brett Wilson said he saw Early as a significant threat to the community before handing down the sentence.

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The youngest Princess Anne Commissioner was sworn into office at the Garland Hayward Youth Center.

23 year-old Lionel Frederic is a senior of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and bills himself as a musician and entrepreneur.

Now, he adds, at-large commissioner to his resume.

He told WBOC that his plans range from lowering taxes and creating jobs to a recycling plan and bringing new creative ideas to the commission.

Lionel is a biology major and hopes to attend medical school after he graduates from UMES.

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The Princess Anne Town Commission has a new member.

He’s 23-year old Lionel Frederic, a UMES student, who ousted former town manager Jay Parker in Tuesday’s election by a vote of 127-to-93.

Parker’s seat was the only one that was contested.

When asked about the upset victory Frederic told the Salisbury Daily Times said it was a great election on both sides.

A major road widening project for Route 26 in Ocean View saw some congestion this week at the coroner of Atlantic Avenue and Central Avenue.

Construction crews had limited the roadway to just one lane as they began relocating a pipeline.  

It the first phase is expected to take up to six weeks and is part of a larger effort that will take three years to finish and will widen more than four miles of Route 26.

WBOC reports that the engineering firm says there will be no lane closures during the tourist season running from May 15th through September 30th.

It looked like a bomb.

But, it wasn’t.

Princess Anne Police were called to an apartment complex near the University of Maryland Eastern Shore yesterday after a digital clock wire to what appeared to be a bundle of dynamite was found.

Princess Anne Police chief Scott Keller told the Salisbury Daily Times that the device was x-rayed by the Maryland Fire Marshall’s bomb squad and found to be a fake.

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Town officials in Princess Anne are trying to reopen the only homeless shelter that was shut down after Hurricane Sandy hit the region.

At the time town officials said that water from the storm left the Wood Home with a lot of mold.

Garland Hayward, president of the Princes Anne Town Commission, told WBOC that he is trying to raise awareness about the homeless problem in the area.

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development has plans that include $640-thousand in federal funding to rebuild the facility.

Princess Anne town officials are reassuring the public that no decision has been made yet on whether to create a Historic District.

In the words of Town Commissioner Garland Hayward. “This is not a done deal.”

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the commissioners are expected to hold several more work sessions before bringing the issue to a vote.


Hotel Restoration

n Princess Anne a former downtown restaurant could become a visitor’s center with a link to the 18th century Washington Hotel that is being restored next door.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the three-story Victorian-era structure was built as an addition to the hotel and…in recent years…has served as a restaurant and bar.

But it is not needed as part of the renovation.

Community Development Block Grants should cover the full cost of moving the water and sewer lines to allow for a traffic roundabout and sidewalk project at UMES Boulevard.

The town of Princess Anne will apply for the grants on behalf of the Somerset County Sanitary District.

Town Manager Brenda Benton told the Salisbury Daily Times that the grants should cover the $25-thousands needed for the engineering study with a second grant to cover the construction cost.

The State Highway Administration plans to build the roundabout at UMES Boulevard and Somerset Avenue.

umes boulevard,

Princess Anne officials this week agreed to formally ask for a $25-thousand state grant for a water-and-sewer line study that is required for sidewalks and a roundabout on the northern edge of the town.

The proposed round-about would be located at the intersection of UMES Boulevard at Somerset Avenue.

The walkways would be extended from that intersection to Mount Vernon Road.

The project is expected to require the relocation of water and sewer lines.

In Princess Anne the Volunteer Fire Company could get the okay to put up an electronic sign.

During tonight’s special session the Commission is set to take up legislation that would allow government or quasi-government agencies the right to have LED signs.

A final vote is set for September 10th.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the Commissioners than will need to revise the rest of the ordinance to cover electronic signs for businesses.

Town officials imposed a moratorium on new business signs when the fire company wanted to put up an LED sign.

The Somerset County Commissioners will get a briefing today on how the Maryland’s new septic tank law will impact the county.

Under the new law there are restrictions where residential development can take place.

Gary Pusey, the county’s planning director, said the county’s Planning Commission is now working on a map that divides the county into four tiered zones.

County planners will be working closely with the town of Princess Anne and the city of Crisfield which must create their own maps.

Princess Anne officials will not be exempted from a new state ethics law.

Maryland’s State Ethics Commission denied a request from city officials…who has asked for the exemption saying that the new rules could deter residents from running for elected office or agreeing to serve on an appointed board.

Town Commission President Garland Hayward told the Salisbury Daily Times that the decision was not unexpected since the state panel had not granted exemptions to towns above a certain population size.

Somerset County officials are hoping a new $1.3 million MAC center will be completed this winter that will provide an expanded space in Westover for senior citizens from Crisfield to Princess Anne.

The County Commissioners opened bids for the design work that ranged from $35-thosuand to $84-thousand for the 6-thousand-square-foot center…which will be located in a former elementary school building.

But the Salisbury Daily Times reports that it could be several weeks before a contract is awarded.



Signs are on the agenda for tonight’s Princess Anne Town Commissioners.

The commission imposed a 120-day moratorium on new signs to give it time to consider a request by the Princess Anne Volunteer Fire Company to install an electronic sign in the town’s historic district.

But the town’s 1996 ordinance does not take into account the new electronic digital signs.

Fire company member Steven Smith says that the proposed 7 by 3 foot sign would be smaller than the existing message board that now sits on the sidewalk.



          Princess Anne town officials are hoping to get funding and other support for a housing rehabilitation program to improve properties and create affordable homeownership.

            Town Manager Brenda Benton said that a committee was working on an application for a state Sustainable Communities designation.

            Two programs are under consideration.

            One would provide for low-to-moderate income housing while the other would concentrate on fixing up historic properties.