PBF wants to dramatically expand the Delaware City Refinery’s output of denatured ethanol from 84-thousand gallons a day to 420-thousand gallons.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that currently the facility imports ethanol from other states.

It is mixed with gasoline and is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The paper reports that the company wants to commence work on the expansion late this year with production beginning early next year.

The company will need to get permission from state officials and expect to employ 20 to 25 workers.  


The Delaware City Refinery could pay up to $20-thousand in fines for 6 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions two years ago and nearly 16 tons of other chemicals last year.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that state regulators decided to issue a single notice of violation for the two incidents.

The Delaware Natural Resources and Environmental Control will now figure out just how large the fines will be against PBF which owns the facility.

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The latest permit renewal request for the Delaware City Refinery found more than 500 people crammed into an auditorium at the Gunning Bedford Elementary School last night.

It was hearing on the facility’s cooling water intake and pollution discharge rights.

Environmentalists showed up -- some in fish costumes – and argued that the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control had incorrectly agreed to issue the permit.


PBF is seeking a key permit for a $100 million hydrogen plants for ultra-low sulfur fuel production at its Delaware City refinery.

The company would like to begin production by November of next year.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that news of the application surfaced after environmental groups pressed state officials about a cooling tower system at the plant.

The groups say the recycling tower is important in reducing the refinery’s 300 million gallon per day withdrawals from the Delaware River.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Environmental groups want the state to hold a public hearing on a plan to restore and protect Delaware River shoreline at docks near Delaware City.

Delaware Sierra Club and Delaware Audubon said in a letter to state environmental regulators that PBF Energy's plan could attract birds near an area they say is at risk for oil spills.

PBF's plan for its docks at its Delaware City refinery includes refilling shoreline and replacing nearly 1,000 5-foot high wave dampeners. Pilings would be driven to anchor oil spill containment booms.

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PBF’s Delaware City Refinery released its second large amount of sulfur dioxide within a week’s time.

There have been troubles with the hydrogen sulfide control system this week with an estimate 248 pounds released before a shutdown of the system.

There was a larger amount released beginning on January of 3-thousand pounds a day.

Officials say that the pollution would continue until the system was fixed. 

No additional details were available.

Delaware City can process more than 190-thousand barrels of crude oil a day.