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A new audit finds that the New Castle County Council staff is poorly managed.

In addition, it found that some employees engaged in questionable practices in accounting for hours worked and compensatory time.

Auditor Anthony Scannell wrote that some of the comments are symptomatic of an overall lack of respect for the County rules as well as lack of supervision and accountability.

Disagreement with the report came from council member Janet Kilpatrick, who said that the picture the auditor laid out was not accurate.

development plans

Delaware’s Chief Justice Leo Strine questioned the arguments by the owner of Barley Mill Plaza in Greenville that a lower court judge overreach in throwing out the project’s rezoning.

The lower court judge’s ruling voided the New Castle County’s 2011 vote to rezone nearly 40 percent of the 92-acre office park.

The owners argued that the lower court should not have gotten into the meeting records to figure out the reasoning of a key vote on the council.

New Castle County Council website

Last night the New Castle County Council authorized the police department to receive more than $460-thousand in federal and state grants.

The money will go towards paying overtime for patrols in high crime areas training officers and equipment for criminal surveillance and investigations.

WDEL reports that Council member George Smiley said the programs are aimed at cutting crime by more than 11 percent.

He added that the Target Analytic Police System has helped take guns and drugs off the street.

New Castle County Council has named the police academy after Lt. Joseph Szczerba who died in the line of duty last year. He was fatally stabbed while struggling with a suspect last September.

During last night’s meeting council member Bill Bell offered up a resolution and recalled Szczerba’s career with the county police department.

The police academy trains candidates for the county's police department