NASA Wallops Flight Facility

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3:31 pm
Mon January 12, 2015

NASA Finds Cause of Sounding Rocket Failure at Wallops

Sounding Rocket
Credit Wallops Flight Facility Website

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. (AP) - NASA says the incorrect installation of equipment caused the launch of a sounding rocket on Virginia's Eastern Shore to end prematurely.
The agency said Monday that an investigation shows the failure of the July 2014 launch was linked to the installation process for the second stage igniter.
The Terrier-Improved Malemute ended its flight about 19 seconds after it was launched from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility when a flight anomaly was detected.

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9:31 am
Thu October 16, 2014

Wallops Rocket Launch Could Be Delayed by Hurricane

Hurricane Gonzalo
Credit NASA

Hurricane Gonzalo coming up from the south could affect the October 27th launch of the Orb-3 CRS Mission rocket launch if the storm heads north into the Atlantic.

NASA officials at Wallops Flight Facility say that before giving the go ahead to the launch a team must first assess the situation from their weather station in Bermuda.

Steve Kremer, Chief of the Wallops Range and Mission Management office, told WBOC that Wallops relies on the Bermuda tracking systems to communicate with the Antares rocket during the flight as well as to ensure public safety.  

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9:22 am
Wed October 1, 2014

Delayed: Wallops' Launch of Terrier-Lynx

Wallops Flight Facility

The launch of the Terrier-Lynx suborbital Defense Department rocket set for this morning has been delayed at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility.

The next date is October 12th between midnight and 2 a.m.

There will be no real time broadcast of the launch nor will the visitor’s center be open.

But Keith Koehler, a spokesman for the Flight Facility, says that people around the Chesapeake Bay region may be able to see the rocket lift off.

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8:37 am
Wed January 15, 2014

Defense Department Rockets Launch From Wallops

Credit Wallops Flight Facility Website

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. (AP) - Three rockets have been launched from NASA's Wallops Island Flight Facility on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

NASA says the launch of the suborbital Terrier-Orion rockets occurred within a 20-second period beginning at 4:09 a.m. Wednesday.

The rockets were launched for the Department of Defense.

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10:49 am
Fri January 10, 2014

Orbital Science Rocket On Way to Resupply International Space Station

Launch of Cygus Spacecraft to resupply International Space Station
Credit Space Goddard/Ed Compion

The Orbital Science’s rocket is on its way to the International Space Station after lifting off from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility yesterday afternoon.

The Cygnus spacecraft is packed with 3-thousand pounds of equipment and experiments provided by NASA as well as food and other supplies.

The spacecraft is expected to dock with the space station sometime on Sunday.

The rocket launch was delayed three times – most recently because of a strong solar storm.

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9:28 am
Thu November 14, 2013

Another Rocket Launch Set for Wallops Flight Facility

Minotaur I Rocket
Credit NASA

Another day another rocket launch at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility.

The next one is scheduled for November 19th with a military satellite aboard an Orbital Sciences Corporation Minotaur I rocket.

The Air Force Operationally Responsive Space Office’s OARS-3 Enabler mission will be tested for the launch and range improvements for NASA and the military.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that NASA says this includes an automated trajectory targeting, range safety planning and flight termination systems. 

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9:15 am
Wed September 25, 2013

Wallops Flight Facility Gears Up for More Missions

Antares Rocket launch at Wallops Flight Facility
Credit Wallops Flight Facility website

More missions are on tap for NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in the wake of the successful launches of the moon exploration mission and the Cygnus spacecraft that will ship supplies to the International Space Station.

Dale Nash, the executive Director of the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, told WBOC that Wallops had now become a major player in orbital launch and even planetary missions.

With a quick 30 day turnaround, he said, that demonstrated that such launches can be done quickly.

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9:25 am
Mon September 9, 2013

Lunar Launch Encounters Problems, Another Space Station Rocket Test in Offing

Lunar Launch from Wallops Flight Facility
Credit NASA Wallops/Chris Perry

Friday Launch

It was a historic weekend for NASA’s Flight Facility on Wallops Island.

Around 15-hundred visitors watched the first lunar launch last Friday from the Virginia facility.

Thousands more saw the rocket take flight from Maine to the Carolinas…with spectacular shot streaking across the sky above New York.

But the rocket immediately ran into some equipment problems.

By Saturday NASA officials said the rocket was still on track for the moon saying that the troubles would be worked out over the next two or three weeks.

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9:52 am
Fri September 6, 2013

First Moon Mission From Wallops Flight Facility, Ready for Launch

Moon Mission Rocket on Wallops Flight Facility Launch Pad
Credit Wallops Flight Facility website

It’s a go for liftoff tonight at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility for the first moon mission to be launched from Virginia.

NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environmental Explorer will be carried aloft by a five-stage Minotaur V rocket.

At 11:27 p.m. there will be a four minute launch window with alternate dates running through September 10th.

NASA Wallops Flight Facility officials say there is a 95 percent chance for good weather.

14-hundred VIP guests are expected to be in Chincoteague to view the launch.

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8:37 am
Thu April 25, 2013

Orbital Sciences Gets Contract to Search for Exoplanets

Credit orbital sciences corp logo

DULLES, Va. (AP) - Space technology company Orbital Sciences Corp. has been selected to develop a new astrophysics satellite for NASA under a four-year, $75 million contract.

The Dulles based company says it will design, manufacture and test the satellite that will perform a full-sky search for exoplanets around nearby stars. 

The work is being done as part of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite program. A launch is planned for mid-2017.

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11:47 am
Fri April 19, 2013

Antares Next Liftoff Date: This Saturday

International Space Station

It will not be until Saturday before the two-stage Antares rocket lifts off the launch pad at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility.

Orbital Sciences Corporation had planned to send the rocket into space on Wednesday.

But there was glitch just 12 minutes before launch.

The rocket will be carrying a dummy cargo as it prepares for eventually supplying the International Space Station.

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9:00 am
Tue August 21, 2012

NASA Wallops Launch Set for Thursday

The NASA Wallops Flight Facility is set for another suborbital rocket launch this Thursday.

It will give students hands-on experience in designing, building, testing and carrying out four experiments.

The RockSat-X is a joint effort by NASA and the Colorado Space Grant Consortium at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

The experiments range from an analysis of atmospheric particles by students at the University of Puerto Rico to measuring nitric oxide and atmospheric dust by students from Virginia Tech and Baylor universities.