Local News

Salisbury, MD – With the inauguration of the first African American President, many of those in the black community ponder it's meaning, as the nation marks the birthday of Martin Luther King Junior.

Annapolis – Governor Martin O'Malley is reportedly considering laying off hundreds of state employees, as Maryland faces a $1.9 billion budget deficit in the next fiscal year. The Governor hinted at the layoffs during an appearance on the Mark Steiner Show with top leaders in the General Assembly.

Salisbury, MD – As shoppers hustle about the Department stores looking for last minute gifts, there are those who are forgotten in the festive mood that surrounds this time of year. They are the homeless with their daily struggles just to survive.

Salisbury, MD – During the Vietnam war the Wilmington Morning News published letters from soldiers serving in Southeast Asia. Now, those letters appear in a new book, "Vietnam Mail Bag: Voices From the War 1968 to 1972" by Nancy Lynch. Twelve of those soldiers recently talked with Lynch about their experiences.

Salisbury, MD – With retails sales in a slump for the fifth straight month, many shoppers are looking for deals on which to spend their hard earned cash. At the Centre at Salisbury, many say, they are using all kinds of strategies to pick up the best buys.

Salisbury – With the growing Hispanic population in Delaware, local and state police are trying to get Latinos who are undocumented to report when they have been victims of crime.

Salisbury, MD – Libraries and schools looking for artists to bring to their facilities may find some help at the first Regional Arts Showcase on the Eastern Shore December 11.

Salisbury, MD – With the opening of the film "Twilight", Public Radio Delmarva reprises interview with actress Illyana Kadushin, who read the book for it's audio version.

Salisbury, MD – With billions of dollars spent on the war in Iraq, Americans have not been asked to sacrifice financially. Not so for the Second World war, when Americans were asked to buy war bonds. And, writes Public Radio Delmarva's Dick Rosse, buy they did.

Salisbury, MD – Arun Gandhi, a visiting scholar at Salisbury University, assesses the impact of an Obama presidency on U.S. international relations.