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Salisbury, md – With Democratic Presidential candidate Barak Obama the first African American to capture the nomination of a major party in the United State, Salisbury University students talked with Delmarva residents about the issue of race and the election. The story was produced as part of a joint project with Salisbury University and with production and editorial assistance from Mohammad Abdalla Vincent Legare.

Salisbury, MD – Now that the final presidential debate is done, it's a race to the finish for presidential candidates Barak Obama and John McCaine. CBS News analyst and pollster Dotty Lynch sizes up the race looking at the debates, Sarah Palin and the issue of race. She appeared on the campus of Salisbury University for the Institute of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement.

Salisbury, MD – With the sharp drop in the stock market, unemployment at around 6% and continuing housing foreclosures, Delmarvans talk about their economic anxieties.

Salisbury, MD – Failing financial institutions and a falling stock market have dominated the nation's news. And, it comes against the backdrop of a presidential election. But for Public Radio Delmarva's Dick Rosse, today's events echo an earlier period.

Salisbury, MD – Paola Gianturco documents the lives of women around the world who make a positive difference in her book, "Women Who Light the Dark". She will be visting Chesapeake Community College October 7th.

Salisbury – To cheers, applause and some boos at their first debate on the Eastern Shore, the three Congressional candidates in Maryland's first district clashed over issues ranging from the financial bailout and the health of the Chesapeake Bay to U. S. military involvement in Iraq.

Salisbury, MD – With the economic storm that has swept the financial sector, Delmarvans are watching anxiously at the outcome. Danny Irvin, associate professor of finance at the Perdue School of Business at Salisbury University talks about the financial crisis.

Salisbury – Salisbury University has issued a hiring freeze as the new Maryland State Budget projects take a plunge.

Salisbury – Red Cross Volunteers up and down Delmarva are now in Texas aiding in recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

Salisbury – With the rising sea levels due to global warming, the 3rd annual conference of the American Institute of Architects on Sustainability looks at its on impact on the Delmarva coast ranging from storms to beach erosion