David Nettles

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The case against former Wicomico High School football coach David Nettles has been dismissed because the alleged victim did not want to testify for a third time.

Wicomico County State’s Attorney Matt Macierello told the Salisbury Daily Times that the alleged victim still maintained the truthfulness of his claims.     

There two previous mistrials on the two counts of child abuse by a custodian.

The charges in the third case were dismissed this morning.

Former Wicomico High School football coach David Nettles took the stand in a Wicomico County Circuit courtroom yesterday in his child sex abuse case.  

He testified that he never inappropriately touched the alleged victim who was a teenager at the time of the alleged abuse.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that he denied that he ever gave the alleged victim a deep tissue massage.

Nettles is facing two counts of child sex abuse.

His testimony stands in contrast to that from the now 29-year old alleged victim.