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DOVER, Del. (AP) - The son of a man who killed his former daughter-in-law and another woman at a Delaware courthouse is seeking to limit evidence in his upcoming trial on federal cyberstalking charges.

Prosecutors allege that David Matusiewicz and his family conspired for years to torment and stalk his ex-wife, Christine Belford, before she and a friend were killed by his father, Thomas, in 2013.

Thomas Matusiewicz's widow and children deny any knowledge that he planned to kill Bedford.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Federal prosecutors are recommending that notices be sent to 500 potential jurors for the cyberstalking trial of relatives of a man who killed his former daughter-in-law and another woman at a Delaware courthouse.

The recommendation was included with a proposed jury questionnaire filed this week for the June trial of the widow, son and daughter of Thomas Matusiewicz.

Prosecutors say jury selection will likely be longer and more complex than usual, given the nature of the case and a potential six-week trial.

DOVER, Del. (AP) - A federal judge has denied a defense request to transfer the stalking trial of relatives of a man who killed two people at a Delaware courthouse in 2013 to another state.

Tuesday's ruling comes from a Pennsylvania judge who was assigned to the Matusiewicz family case after Judge Gregory Sleet of Delaware recused himself last year.

Sleet and all other Delaware judges were recused after prosecutors disclosed the discovery of a purported "hit list" in courthouse gunman Thomas Matusiewicz's car that included Sleet's name.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - A federal judge has postponed a trial for relatives of a man who killed two people at a Delaware courthouse.

The judge on Monday postponed a scheduled October trial for David Matusiewicz, his mother, Lenore, and sister, Amy Gonzalez, until March 2015. He also denied Gonzalez's request to have her trial held separately.

The judge also refused to move Gonzalez's trial to another state, as he did last week for her co-defendants.

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The relatives of Delaware courthouse shooter Thomas Matusiewicz will be tried in Delaware on charges of conspiracy and stalking the son’s ex-wife and her friend.

A federal judge denied their motion to move the trial out of the state.

Their attorneys had argued that there had been too much publicity for them to get a fair trial.

David Matusiewicz, his mother. Lenore and his sister Amy Gonzalez have denied any knowledge of the father’s plans.

The wife of the New Castle County Courthouse shooter Thomas Matusiewicz has waived her extradition in a Texas courtroom.

She will be coming back to the First State to face federal charges in the slaying of her former daughter-in-law.

While not directly involved in the killing of her daughter-in-law and friend Lenore Matusiewicz and her son could face up to life in prison on charges of cyber stalking interstate stalking and conspiracy.  

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - A federal judge has revoked the probation of a man whose father killed two people at a Delaware courthouse before taking his own life, sentencing the son to six months in prison.

The judge said Tuesday that 46-year-old David Matusiewicz also will spend four more years on supervised release after finishing his prison time for repeatedly violating his probation on kidnapping and fraud charges.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - The autopsy report for a Texas man who killed his former daughter-in-law and another woman at a Delaware courthouse shows he had a brain tumor.

The report notes large a tumor known as a meningioma was found during the autopsy. 

Authorities say 68-year-old Thomas Matusiewicz killed himself following the courthouse shooting Feb. 11. The gunman's widow, Lenore Matusiewicz had sought an independent autopsy saying she believes an untreated brain tumor was to blame for her husband's violent actions.