Christopher Tigani

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Delaware Republicans want the Attorney General Beau Biden to provide the details of a more than two-year independent investigation into campaign finance violations.

The probe by special prosecutor E. Norman Veasey found improper campaign contributions to Governor Jack Markell in 2008.

In addition, the investigation found violations by three state lawmakers for failing to report getting gifts of more than $250 as required by law.

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Former liquor executive Christopher Tigani was given a suspended sentence for campaign finance fraud in a Delaware Superior Court after entering a plea deal with prosecutors with six years of  probation to begin after is he released from a federal two year sentence for tax evasion and campaign donation fraud.

Tigani had faced 9 felony counts but only pled to three under the plea agreement.

But Superior Court Judge William Carpenter in accepting the plea told the courtroom that it was unfortunate that the investigation into political corruption did not “lead to others.”


             Liquor executive Christopher Tigani got two years in prison yesterday for violations of Delaware’s campaign laws that US District Court Judge Gregory Sleet called brazen.

            Before handing down his sentence yesterday Sleet revealed that Tigani had been addicted to methamphetamines at the time he committed his crimes and when he was fighting with his father for control of NKS Distributors, Inc.

            The judge noted Tigani is currently in recovery.