DOVER, Del. (AP) - Lawmakers have introduced a bill to open parts of Delaware's environmentally protected coastal zone to heavy industry.

The legislation introduced Thursday establishes a permitting process for new use of 14 existing heavy industry sites, most of them abandoned and polluted brownfields.

The bill also would allow the currently prohibited transfer of bulk products such as oil and minerals at nine sites that had docking facilities or piers before the Coastal Zone Act was enacted in June 1971.

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MILLSBORO, Del. (AP) - A state environmental advisory panel is holding a public workshop to address concerns about the proposed redevelopment of a former pickle plant in Sussex County into a poultry processing plant.

The workshop Thursday afternoon in Millsboro involves environmental issues surrounding plans by Allen M. Harim foods to convert the old Vlasic Pickle site in Dagsboro into a poultry plant.

Harim Foods has entered into a brownfields development agreement with the state environmental department that outlines plans to address pollutants at the site.