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A Sussex County land-use board approval of a chicken processing plant got its day in Superior Court this week.

Challengers of the $100 million facility just outside Millsboro say that county officials allowed Allen Harim Foods to take shortcuts to get approval.

The plant would be capable of handling 2 million chickens a week and employ 700 people.

But opponents say that the industrial sized plant is too close to residential areas and too near already polluted waters.

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Last night Allen Harim Foods officials met with local residents who have expressed concerns on the prospect of a major chicken processing plant near Millsboro.

The company is negotiating for another chicken plant in Sussex County with a $100-million investment that could bring 700 jobs to the area.

The concerns heard at the Millsboro Fire Hall ranged from the impact on local water wells and traffic to odors, noise and the disposal of hazardous materials.

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Negotiations are underway for Allen Harim Foods to buy a processing plant near Millsboro owned by Pinnacle Foods Vlasic.

The company Chief Executive Officer Gary Gladys says that this would allow for an expansion of the firm’s processing capacity and introduce new products.

The former pickle plant is expected to employ an estimated 700 people.

Currently, Pinnacle Foods Vlasic employs around 200 people.

Allen Harim Foods operates a number of processing facilities in Delaware.