Wicomico County Roads Still in Need of Repair

Feb 19, 2013

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The list of road repairs in Wicomico County has been mounting over the years with county highway user fees going to transportation projects throughout the state.

This year the money the county is getting will see a major bump from $343-thousand in the last fiscal year to $615-thosuand in 2013.

But Wicomico County officials say that will still not make much of a dent in the backlog of highway projects that have zero funding.

County Administrator Wayne Strausburg told the Salisbury Daily Times he expects the return of highway funds to stay at around 10 percent of pre-2008 levels.

To the south Bud Church, president of the Worcester County Commissioners, said that while his county will see an increase as well the diversion of highway user funds has done a disservice to those residents off the major highways like Route 50.