What Does It Mean To Be Transgender?

Jul 11, 2012

This month Barney Frank wed his long time partner Jim Ready to become the first sitting congressman in a same-sex marriage.

Nationally, there are now eight states that have legalized same-sex marriage with a similar number recognizing same sex civil unions -- including Delaware.

In November, Marylanders will go to the polls to vote on whether to legalize same sex marriage.

Just this year, President Obama improved its chances for passage by his endorsement of same sex marriage.

Public opinion polls find that for the first time a majority of American favor same sex marriage 53% to 45%.

That is up dramatically from the mid-1990's when only 27% of Americans favored same sex marriage.

However, even as the momentum has shifted in favor of the LGBT community, those who are transgender still find themselves slightly out of sight from the public.

Delmarva Public Radio's Jamyla Krempel takes a look at this community in a three part series.