Union Asks for Whistle Blower Protection for VA Psychologist

Apr 25, 2012


            The American Federation of Government Employees has asked the US Office of Special Counsel for whistle-blower protection for Dr. Michelle Washington.

            Washington specializes in post-traumatic stress at the Wilmington Veterans Affairs Medical Center near Elsmere and told a US Committee on Veterans Affairs last November that vets usually have to wait as often as two months for timely treatment.

            And, a scathing Inspector General report released this week confirmed that assessment noting that the VA did not provide first-time patients with timely health evaluations and inflated its ability to do so. 

            But, Union Attorney Ward Morrow says that since her testimony her performance evaluation that was normally outstanding has been downgraded to unsatisfactory.

            In addition, he says, that her responsibility as psychologist coordinator for PTSD services and evidence-based psychotherapy has been reduced.

            The Wilmington News Journal reports that Morrow said it seems more than circumstantial that her evaluation was changed on the eve of her testimony and her duties changed after her appearance.

            The paper says there was no response to inquiries made to top Wilmington VA officials.