Tourist Inquiries for Maryland and Delaware Up

Aug 5, 2013

Ocean City
Credit Don Rush

Maryland and Delaware tourism officials say there’s been a 20 percent uptick in information requests about activities in the region.

And there were similar spikes in Web traffic from the New Jersey and New York areas this year.

Whether they will come is still not clear.

Joseph Seneca, professor at Rutgers University released as study in January, saying they will after the damage inflicted by Superstorm Sandy.

The study found that with too few rentals and a large number of displaced people the study figured New Jersey would lose $950 million in the third quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, the Wilmington News Journal reports that Delaware beaches were not damaged nine months ago by the storm and they are free.

Virginia Beach and Ocean City, Maryland were also drawing New Jersey crowds long before Sandy.

(See: Salisbury Daily Times)