Top Salisbury Leaders Push for Additional Cops on the Street

Apr 29, 2014


Salisbury police could have 15 more police officers out on the streets within the next 18 months.

At least that’s what Mayor Jim Ireton and Police Chief Barbara Duncan are pushing for.

Duncan said the new personal would consist of 10 new officers and moving five additional officers back out on patrol.

They would be replaced by five additional civilians.

Mayor Ireton said that with the growth of the city and revitalization of downtown the increase in officers is needed. "Our population is going to continue to grow. Developments are going to continue to be built. People are going to move into the city. Downtown is going to be revitalized with more people living here."

With $277-thousand in savings found in the department the Salisbury Daily Times reports that a budget amendment would be needed to put $832-thousand toward the additional 10 police officers.