Taser Cam Request for Salisbury Police Department

Sep 12, 2013

Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan
Credit official photo

The Salisbury Police Department wants to add the Taser Cam to its non-lethal arsenal.

If approved the Tasers would be worn on the belt and would have video capabilities that would visually capture events as they unfold.

Captain Scott Kolb with the department said these could be used like the in car camera in police cars.

Police Chief Barbara Duncan noted that the department was the only one on the Eastern Shore that does not have Tasers in its arsenal.

Mary Ashanti with the Wicomico County NAACP told WBOC that she hopes the city will get public input to explore the concerns of the community about the use of the weapon.

And William Hall, a defense attorney in Salisbury, noted that there have been injuries from Tasers -- even cases of death.

Council Vice President Laura Mitchell said that if approved the Taser Cams would be paid for with funds generated by speed cameras.

She expected the request will come up at Monday night’s work session.