Shoring Up the Budget of the Salisbury City Attorney

Apr 17, 2012


            The Salisbury City Attorney’s office is expected to get a $100-thousand boost to its budget.

            Council member Laura Mitchell told the Salisbury Daily Times that the money will be needed to deal with the work that is left to be done.

            Currently, the City Attorney’s budget was $170-thousand with only $97-hundred remaining in the last three months of the fiscal year.

            Both Mitchell and Council member Shanie shields declined to approve the amendment to the budget until they determined whether legal services were being utilized in a responsible meaner.

            The new City Attorney Mark Tilghman…says his bill was so high because he has spent a lot of time settling into his position after replacing Paul Wilber.

            The city also owes money to Wilber’s firm.

            The paper reports that much of the two attorneys’ bills in past months show duplicated work as Wilber has helped Tilghman with ongoing city business and litigation.