The Safe Haven 19

Dec 5, 2013

Artist Mark Barone

They may be called the Safe Haven 19.

A Kentucky artist, who has taken to painting portraits of dogs who have been euthanized, said this group of pictures represents those dogs that were euthanized with the closing of the Safe Haven animal shelter last month.

Marina Dervan of Louisville, Kentucky , whose partner Mark Barone paints the portraits, told the Wilmington News Journal that the story about the closing of the no-kill shelter caught their eye.

She told the Salisbury Daily Times that it was hard to imagine what went wrong that would lead to the deaths of the dogs.

The 19 will be included in the 55-hundred portraits that they intend to put into a museum to provoke questions about shelters that euthanize.

Safe haven was set to close at the end of November.

But on November 14th it was announced that the shelter was closing with the remaining dogs to be sent to shelters where they could be adopted.

But 19 were euthanized with the help of the ASPC who said that they were deemed unsuitable for adoption.