Redistricting Up for Discussion Before Salisbury City Council

Apr 16, 2012


            The Salisbury City Council will take up proposed redistricting plans this evening during its work session.

            The American Civil Liberties Union has threatened that the city could face litigation.

            Last week, the Council told the City Attorney to work with the ACLU on the issue.

            Meredith Curtis, with the ACLU, told the Salisbury Daily Times that the organization would not go beyond saying that they are in discussions with the city.

            Council President Terry Cohen says that she expects the city will have to go to the court either as an adversary of the ACLU or in agreement as was the case in the original consent decree establishing the majority-minority District 1 for African American voters.

            The ACLU opposes Mayor Jim Ireton’s proposal to add two at-large seats along with 5 separate districts and backs the elimination of the staggered elections