"Red Light District Lingerie" Sign, Mayor Says Not Okay

Aug 13, 2013

Credit creative commons wikimedia

Mayor Jim Ireton says Salisbury City officials will not allow a new sign that went up at a store front that read, ”Red Light District Lingerie”.

Ireton said that the sign is not considered a banner and therefore needs city approval.

A banner can stay up 14 days.

Also mannequins wearing lingerie now appear in the window.

Previous requests for approval of two other wordings, ”Red Light District” and “Red Light Lingerie” have been turned down.

Salisbury also wants to make sure that it is not an adult retail store.

The owners of the store told WBOC that the store is a lingerie shop like any other retail outlets in the city.

Ireton said that city inspectors will visit the store to be sure it does not violate the city code that no more than 20 percent of the store’s stock floor plan and sales are related to adult material.