Prison Authorities Ignored Warnings, Says Inmate Uprising Report

Sep 1, 2017

Steven Floyd
Credit Courtesy of Joe Simon

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Independent investigators say prison administrators dismissed warnings of trouble brewing at Delaware's maximum-security prison in the days leading up to a deadly inmate uprising and hostage-taking.

Investigators said in a report released Friday that after some inmates at Vaughn Correctional Center became unruly in January, correctional officers told supervisors the instigators should be moved to another building for security reasons. The request was dismissed by higher-ranking officials.

Among those asking that the troublemakers be moved was correctional officer Steven Floyd, who was killed during the uprising two weeks later.

The independent review ordered by Gov. John Carney suggests that dismissal of the security warnings was indicative of a prison plagued by mismanagement, a lack of communication, a culture of negativity and adversarial relationships among prison staff, administrators and inmates.