New Parking Lots Ruffle Feathers of Birdwatchers

Oct 9, 2013

Red Knot Migration
Credit creative commons wikimedia

The local birdwatchers are up in arms.

The National Park Service is looking at moving the Bayside Picnic parking lot and the South Ocean Beach parking lot inland further away from the coastline on the Assateague Island National Seashore.

Birders say this could have an adverse impact on an acre of wooded area this important to the local bird habitat.

Birder Mark Hoffman told the Salisbury Daily Times that that this is the mostly densely used area of the whole peninsula for bird migration.

He said the area is critical for the re-directive migration of birds.

But, Bill Hulslander, chief of resource management at the park, told the paper that the project is a sustainable investment that is not expected to have a major impact.