New Castle County Firefighters Seek Property Tax To Fund EMS

Apr 2, 2014

New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon
Credit official photo

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - New Castle County firefighters are calling for a new property tax to help pay for emergency medical services.

But the Wilmington News Journal reports that County Executive Tom Gordon says he'll fight it. State legislation would be needed to allow the county to create a special assessment to pay for emergency medical services.

Volunteer fire companies pay for medical services from other money they receive, but 21 companies want a new tax to avoid reaching into other revenue to cover the cost of medical services. Last year, volunteer fire departments in the county spent $5.2 million for medical expenses not covered by insurance reimbursements or other sources.

But Gordon says he doesn't think the proposal is a good idea and he'll work with fire companies to find other revenue sources.