NAACP Proposal for Police Oversight Board for Wicomico County

Apr 16, 2014

Credit creative commons

Wicomico County NAACP Branch President Mary Ashanti told the Wicomico County Council that she would like to see a police oversight board with subpoena power.

During the public comments segment of yesterday's meeting, she told the council members the problem is that police are investigating themselves.

This follows three police-involved shootings, two of which were fatal, in February and March in Wicomico County.

She told the Salisbury Daily Times that when shootings occur they are investigated by other police -- even if they do not involve the Maryland State Police, which works with local police departments.

County Council President Matt Holloway said during the meeting that this was the first he had heard about the idea of a police oversight board.

But he suggested this might be a good time to be more proactive on the issue, whether its the council or the county executive who takes the lead.