Lingerie Store Takes Case to the Public Over Sign Dispute

Aug 21, 2013

Credit Don Rush

The new adult-theme store in  Salisbury is taking its case to the public.

Outside the shop on North Salisbury Boulevard there are two small signs with red letters against a yellow background.

One reads, “Freedom of Speech” and the other “It’s Not Yours to Take.”

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the city will not approve the sign outside reading “Red Light District” unless the store qualifies as an adult retail outlet.

But, if it does, it is within 1-thousand feet of homes and a house of worship…which would keep it from opening.

The store bills itself as a lingerie store and has a sign that reads, “Red Light District: Romantic Superstore.”

Alan Weinstein, a law and urban studies professor at Cleveland State University told the paper, that the city is “on thin ice.”

He says while local government officials have wide latitude in regulating signs this one is “pretty tame” when it comes to content.

The only product visible in the window is lingerie.

But Mayor Jim Ireton says he expects the issue to be settled in court.

The paper reports it was unable to get any comment from the store owners.