Lawsuit Claims Delay in Rescue During Vaughn Hostage Crisis

Apr 19, 2017

Governor John Carney (D-De)
Credit official photo

A lawsuit filed by the family of Steven Floyd a prison guard who died in an inmate uprising along is raising question about whether the riot could have been ended sooner saving his life.

The suit joined by surviving officers of the hostage situation at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center claims that Governor John Carney delayed the rescue attempt even though David Pierce the warden at the time was ready make the attempt.

The Wilmington news Journal reports that the governor’s office denies Carney intervened in the decision to make the rescue attempt.

But the Wilmington News Journal reports that a number of its sources not connected with the lawsuit say that Pierce wanted to make the attempt an hour into the uprising. 

The lawsuit says that Pierce was enraged at the decision.

The News Journal says that efforts to reach him were unsuccessful.