Gill Nomination to Head DNR Moves to MD Senate Floor

Mar 4, 2014

Joe Gill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP)- A Senate committee has approved Joseph Gill's nomination as secretary of Maryland's Department of Natural Resources. The issue will go to the Senate floor for final vote.

In a hearing lasting more than two hours Monday, the Senate Executive Nominations Committee voted 14-1 in Gill's favor. Three Senators abstained, intending to do more research and vote on the Senate floor.

Gill, currently the department's acting secretary, had his confirmation vote delayed in January. The leader of a watermen's organization said Gill had threatened to hurt fishermen's interests if a certain bill didn't pass.

Several fishermen testified Monday that Gill had cursed and talked rudely to them. His supporters said he had a gentle demeanor.

Numerous Senators said Gill's overall record overshadowed these incidents of allegedly losing his temper.