Downtown Trolley Comes to Salisbury

Aug 29, 2014

City Council President Jake Day, Mayor Jim Ireton and Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt at ribbon cutting ceremony for Downtown Trolley
Credit Tom Hunt

It’s called the Downtown Trolley.

And, Salisbury City officials were out yesterday to inaugurate its service that will run from Salisbury University to the downtown area Thursday through Saturday 7 p.m. through 2 p.m. for a dollar a ride.  

Mayor Jim Ireton told the gathering that the trolley was part of the revitalization of the downtown area.

"This is just another link between this campus and downtown Salisbury. We know that downtown Salisbury will not be revitalized if we don't have university students, faculty and university professors who live along this route on this bus downtown.' He said, "All of the elected officials and all of the players in our community have decided that we will make the center of our universe the urban core. And that's downtown Salisbury."

Revitalization of the downtown area has become a key component of the Mayor's agenda and is shared by Salisbury Council President Jake Day.

Day said, "A city that invests in its heart and soul in its downtown is bound to succeed. A city that doesn't and we haven't in the past is bound to fail." He added, "We have a campus community of around ten thousand people. These are ten thousand bright minds who believe in this community who dedicate themselves to knowledge, to the creation of knowledge, the passing on of wisdom. And we need to bring that energy into our heart and soul."

Salisbury University students will be able to use the trolley to come to downtown’s restaurants and bars as well as such events as Third Fridays and a planned performing arts center called “Headquarters Live.” 

(Tom Hunt provided reportorial content for this story.)