Delmarvans Cope With Freezing Temperatures After Snowfall

Jan 22, 2014

Credit Don Rush

Delmarvans are emerging from up to 10 inches of snow that struck the peninsula yesterday and into last night leaving behind single digit temperatures.

Most school systems are closed today on Delamrva.

Local and state government offices are closed while federal offices are expected to open up two hours late.

Emergency management officials say snowfall totals range from more than 10 inches near Hockessin to more than 5.5 inches in the Dover area and 1 inch in Laurel. The National Weather Service warns that winds will reach 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph and temperatures will be below freezing for days.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell has declared a limited state of emergency that included an official warning for motorists to use extra caution.

Regina Averalla with AAA Mid-Atlantic warns motorists to look out for icy roads and wind.

She says, "In many is instances especially with the wind that is accompanying the snow where snow is blowing off into motorists behind them, so we encourage them to make sure they clean off all of the snow off their car." She says that motorists should "make sure they allow sufficient room not only plows but for vehicles in front of them and behind them so as to ensure there’s a little more distance than normally you would."

In addition, she warns motorists to, "Make sure to watch out for icy surfaces, particularly on bridges and at intersections, even when the roads may be in good  condition." She notes that "bridges can remain a bit icy. If you’re stuck in the snow, make sure you straighten the wheel and accelerate slowly.' She also says taht drivers should make sure they have an emergency snot kit in the car. And, she says "Do not drive in cruise control while it’s snowing or when there are freezing temperatures."

Credit Don Rush

The Delaware Department of Transportation has been out plowing the roads and treating the highways.

Meanwhile the Delaware National Guard has been authorized to help local authorities if directed by the state emergency management director…in consultation with the Secretary of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

Emergency officials also opened “code purple” shelters throughout the state where the homeless can escape the cold.


EASTON, Md.- Easton is under a snow emergency "phase I," according to the town's police department. Police said this requires that vehicles traveling the streets of Easton be equipped with chains or tires permitted by the state for use during snow emergencies.

Police also advise residents to use their driveways, to avoid shoveling snow back into any street or driveway and do not drive unless absolutely necessary.

According to police, since the start of the snow storm police have responded to a total of six motor vehicle crashes (property damage only) and five disabled vehicles.