Delay in Wind Power Plans for Crisfield Sewage Treatment Plant

Feb 23, 2012


           There will be a delay in the construction of a wind turbine to power Crisfield’s sewage treatment plant…after city officials found out this week  that they would have to shell out $35-thousand to Delmarva Power for a study on how it would affect the power grid.

            Mayor Percy Purnell told the Salisbury Daily Times that the town does not have the money.

            He said he has contacted the Maryland Department of the Environment to see if the city can use some of the $4.8 million grant the state awarded the town for the project to pay for the study.

            In addition, there are hopes that the state will actually front the money so that it would…not have to come out of the city budget.

            But under the grant the Department of the Environment will not hand over the money until the project is ready to begin construction.