Community Aids Firefighters in Accomack County

Mar 20, 2013


The firefighters struggling with more than 70 arson fires in Accomack County are getting some help from community groups and even those outside the state.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that local residents have stepped up by gathering items that fire companies need to restock their rehab unit as they  find their resources strained by the string of blazes.

The offering range from things like hot chocolate and water to sports drinks and snacks that are coming through local businesses across the Eastern Shore.

Karen Barnes is an emergency medical services work with Northampton County.

She told the paper that Wal-Mart in Onley donated more than $500 worth of items last Friday along with donations from employees.

Barnes added Food Lion in Onley has also donated a substantial amount of supplies.

Virginia State Police have spent nearly $125-thousand on such things as lodging, meals and fuel.