Chill Makes Delmarva Shiver (Update)

Jan 7, 2014


It was a cold morning on Delmarva Today.

At the New Castle Airport just before 7 a.m. this morning it was a record breaking 4 degrees.

The wind chill factor brought that to minus 14 degrees.

In Georgetown it dipped to 8 degrees around the same time.

Winds are expect up to 50 mph and temperatures could edge up to around 25 degrees.

Delaware officials have opened Code Purple shelters in New Castle and Sussex Counties to help the homeless.

Homeless shelters are also being opened on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with Wesley Temple becoming the first church in Salisbury to open its doors to the homeless this year as part of the Community Emergency Shelter Project.

It has 30 beds.

Worcester County has also opened up its recreational center in Snow Hill along with its branch libraries.

Meanwhile, in Rehoboth Beach the Epworth United Methodist Church is also opening up for people in need.

Delmarva Power

Meanwhile, Delmarva Power is urging its customers to conserve energy during the cold snap when possible.

The electricity company recommends lowering the thermostat if health permits and turning off lights and appliances that are not needed.

In addition, the company recommends covering windows with drapes and blankets during the nighttime hours and open blinds for the sun light during the day.


Motorists are urged to be cautious on the road.

Maryland transportation officials have restricted traffic on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge because of the high winds.

House trailers, empty box trailers or any vehicles vulnerable to high winds will not be allowed to cross the bridge.

Delaware Department of Transportation work crews were out treating roads yesterday.

Meanwhile the cold temperatures will keep the Worcester County road crews grounded.