Beware of Where You Vape or Smoke in Salisbury

Sep 14, 2017

Credit Don Rush

It’s now unlawful to smoke or vape in public parks and other publicly own spaces in Salisbury.

WBOC reports that City Council voted this week to bar smoking or vaping within 25 feet of such property.

The television station reports that other places that are off-limits range from the Riverwalk and Salisbury Marina to the Salisbury Zoo and the Government Office Building.

Mayor Jake Day says the new ban is to protect the public health.

The ban does not apply to designated smoking areas or any personal vehicle that is 25-feet from playgrounds or recreational areas.

There will be signs posted and police will be issuing citations.

The initial violation would result in a $500 fine going up to a $1-thousand for consecutive offenses.

Violators of the ban could accept 12 hours of community service for the first offense and 48 hours for repeat offensives instead of a fine.