Berlin Mourns Death of Elderly Couple

Apr 17, 2014

Credit creative commons

An elderly couple was found shot in Berlin, yesterday.

They were Lester and Midge Wright in the early 90’s.

Responding to a call from a family member Berlin police found Midge dead at the home in bed from two gunshot wounds in the chest.

Lester was found on the floor with three similar self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Maryland State Police said Lester died of his injuries at the hospital.

The paper reports that the couple was seen as close with six decades of marriage behind them.

But in recent years Lester had been experiencing health issues and did not drive anymore while Midge had vision problems.

Mary Moore, a longtime family friend told the paper, that she believed their deaths were a personal choice for two people who could not bear to be apart.