Additional Position Sought for Salisbury City Administrator

Jun 24, 2013

Mayor Jim Ireton
Credit officialk photo

Even as longtime Salisbury City Administrator John Pick prepares to depart this week Mayor Jim Ireton says he wants to add a new position directly under the administrator.

It would be the second such position and would provide a salary of between $61-thousand to $98-thousand.     

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that a memo signed by top city departments including the police and fire chiefs said the additional position is needed because of technological advances as well as increasing mandates and overall growth of the government.  

But the City Council was a cautious when Police Chief Barbara Duncan and Neighborhood Services Director Tom Stevenson made the proposal at the last session.

Council member Laura Mitchell said she worried that the city could end up being management top-heavy.

The new deputy administrator would oversee information technology and human resources departments.