Chris Ranck

Assoc. Director- Program and Operations Services

Chris Ranck is Delmarva Public Radio's Executive Producer,  Program Director  and  Automation Engineer.

He is the executive producer for Delmarva Today  and audio engineer for  Soundbites on Delmarva.

Chris also is fill-in classical music host and the host of Rule, Britannia and The Show About. 

Ways to Connect

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of September 12th , 2016

In the first half of today's program, we explore the rise of the Alt-Right.  In the second half, Photographer Doug Stevens discusses his two books, "Workin' with the Wind" and "Summer Harvest: Portrait of Commercial Crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay".


Brian Tashman- research analyst with People for the American Way

Michael O'Loughlin, Political Science Professor at Salisbury University

Doug Stevens, author of Summer Harvest: Portrait of Commercial Crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of September 5th , 2016

With this season of Delmarva in Performance coming to a close, we are happy to announce a new program. Well, a new old favorite, to be precise.  Pipedreams with host Michael Barone will return to the airwaves this Sunday from 6-8PM.

At 8pm, We will re-air WXXI's "With Heart and Voice. 

The Piano Matters with David Dubal will move to 9PM and Millennium of Music will move to 10PM.

Also, by popular demand, "Sing for Joy" and Music and the Spoken Word" will return Sundays from 6-7 AM.

This week we will meet painter Lesley McCaskill. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the national park system we will learn about the beginnings of Delmarva’s premier national park on Assateague Island. And Dave Wilson will bring us his conversation with Lisa Challenger about the importance of nature tourism on Delmarva.

This week's guest is Anne Colwell, author of two books of poetry, Believing Their Shadows and Mothers Maiden Name.  She is also the author of a critical book, Inscrutable Houses: Metaphors of the Body in the Poems of Elizabeth Bishop.

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of August 29, 2016

This week on our show we will hear an encore presentation of our interview with painter Patrick Henry. We will also revisit our stories on the button making industry and the importance of the tomato canning industry in our farming heritage. And we’ll finish up with an all new interview between naturalist Dave Wilson with Jim White of the Delaware Nature Society. They’ll be talking about Delmarva’s beautiful and mysterious dragonflies.

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of August 22nd 2016

Delmarva Almanac

Aug 13, 2016

Harold Wilson’s guest is Jack Shaum author of, Lost Chester River Steamboats, discussing the great steamboats that plied the Chesapeake Bay and particularly the Chester River. For over a hundred years, beginning in 1813 these ships worked the rivers of the bay carrying fruit, grains, crabs, and oysters. And for a dollar, passengers could cross the bay from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore on their way to the Atlantic beaches. The last steamer made its final passage in the 1950’s.

This week on our show we will meet painter John Davis Held. We’ll hear the story of Ocean City’s lady entrepreneurs. And, naturalist Jim Rapp will tell us about humpback whales off of our Atlantic coast.

With the Democratic National Convention  over, we get local Democrat reaction as to how the convention went.


Mike Pretl

Barrie Pasons Tilgman, former Mayor of Salisbury

Micheal O'Loughlin, Salisbury University Professor

This week we will meet artist Hannibal Lee who translates paint in to fabric. We will hear the story of World War II POW camps here on Delmarva. And naturalist Dave Wilson shares his conversation about coyotes on Delmarva with Salisbury University Professor Dr. Aaron Hogue.

With the Republican National Convention over, we get local Republican reaction as to how the convention went.


Mark Edney, Vice Chair of the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee

David Goslee and Anne Brittingham Suthowski, also members of the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee

and Dr. John Bartkovich former chair of the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee

This week we will hear the story A. Aubrey Bodine the celebrated photographer. We’ll learn about Denton, Maryland’s own Sophie Kerr. And naturalist Dave Wilson and his guest Dr. Aaron Hogue will tell us about apex predators on Delmarva.

In the first half, we take another look at large chicken house operations. In a previous program, we spoke with residents who live near some of the operations. This morning, we turn to the industry side of the equation.

In the second half, we turn to local reaction the the recent events in Dallas, Texas.

Guests: Donald Morton, Executive Director of Complexities of Color

Mark Thompson, outreach Pastor for the Emmanuel Wesleyan Church in Salisbury Maryland

Perdue Farms has announced that it will begin to improve the lives of chickens. The nation's fourth-largest poultry producer has begun to move chickens out of windowless and often cramped quarters they have been housed in. In addition, there are also plans to study a move away from genetic modification that produces fast-growing birds.

Guests:- Bruce Stewart-Brown, Veterinarian and Senior Vice President for Perdue Farms

This week we will meet Stevensville painter and sculptor Will Hemsley. We will hear part one of our story about a local genealogist’s efforts to connect with his family. And we’ll hear some birding basics from naturalist Jim Rapp.

Saturdays at 4 PM on WSCL 89.5 FM

World class chamber music returns to WSCL, 89.5 FM this weekend with the new season of Chamber Music from the Spoleto Festival. Hosted by NPR commentator Miles Hoffman, these concerts will feature performances recorded live from the historic Dock Street Theatre in Charleston, South Carolina.


On Delmarva, there's a new trend in the poultry industry; the large chicken house operation. It has caught local residents and political leaders by surprise.

In the second half, Maryland State Comptroller Peter Franchot, in town  for the Maryland Municipal League Convention in Ocean City, discusses  the financial prospects of the Maryland State economy.


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Inside Europe includes interviews with newsmakers and personalities, background features, and cultural reports from correspondents throughout the European Union.

This week we are dipping into our archives. We will meet Lillian Rippa a master of Chinese Freestyle brush painting. We'll hear legends of Eastern Shore Pirates. Scott Duncan will have the July Garden Planner and naturalist Dave Wilson will bring us his conversation with Jim White of the Delaware Nature Society talking about snakes.

Beach reads is the subject of today’s program and focuses on the Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest sponsored by Browseabout Books. Harold Wilson’s guests in the first segment of the program are Nancy Sakaduski and Tim Linehan.  Nancy Sakaduski is, founder of Cat and Mouse Press in Lewes, DE and editor of Beach Days, the third publication in the Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest.

2BoomerBabes Farewell Show

For the past seven years, Kathy Bernard and Barbara Kline have shared their insights with listeners across the U.S. as hosts of the nationally syndicated 2BoomerBabes Radio Hour, produced at Delmarva Public Radio (DPR) since 2010.