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Minority youth are over represented in the juvenile justices system compared to the general population. A digital video project Bars: Stories of the System, a Youth Perspective has allowed those young people to tell their stories in collaboration with the Fenix Youth Project. In part 1 we look at the overall effort to bring these stories to light and the problems that they encounter.

BARS website

This Saturday Salisbury area youths will tell their stories about their encounters with the juvenile justice system.

They range in age 15-to-24.

And they tell their stories through personal videos.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the project is called, “BARS: Stories of the System, a Youth Perspective” which is a digital story telling project.

It has been produced in conjunction with the Fenix Youth Project.

The three hour presentation will take place at the Wicomico Public Library in downtown Salisbury.

Essay on Aging, 123rf

As we age, there is a tendency to hold onto youth or, at least, its illusion.  In an essay by George Merrill for Delmarva Public Radio's series on aging, the writer asks what is the cost of that illusion.  

Essays on Aging

Aug 8, 2012

Even as the baby boom generation gets on in years, every once in a while they are reminded of their youth and the years that have passed.  In our essays on aging local writer John Reisinger writes it was an old car that popped into view.