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Hockey could be coming to Worcester County officials are looking at possibly constructing a multi-purpose stadium-style arena that could provide a venue for a minor league hockey team as well as concerts and convention groups.

Bill Badger, director Economic Development, told the Salisbury Daily Times that it is too soon to say where or when it might be built.

He adds that more than likely this would be a public-private venture.

But such project would stir up some competition with the Ocean City Convention Center.

Delmarva Power Upgrades in Worcester County

Sep 24, 2014
Don Rush

Delmarva Power is embarking on a project this fall that would rebuild a 9 mile, 69-thousand volt transmission line in Worcester County.

The $43 million project also involves 6 new miles of electric distribution lines and is aimed at improving the reliability of service in the county.

Between October and May of next year the overhead portion will run from its substation in Berlin to the Culver substation west of Ocean City near Route 50.  

Motorists on the Eastern Shore should get ready for work on five bridges in Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties beginning this Friday.

Work crews will be setting up this weekend for cleaning and painting the bridges.

The Maryland State Highway Administration says it does not anticipate any lane closures or detours but says the staging areas for the maintenance will be set up on the shoulders for each bridge.

Another five bridges will be cleaned and painted later this year for a total cost of just over a million dollars.


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Bar owners in Worcester County can now buy their liquor from outside wholesalers.

The exclusive right of the county’s Department of Liquor Control on spirits to liquor licensees ended this month.

The county dispensary charges them more than wholesale and uses the money as a form of revenue.

That money is divided between the county and four major towns at the end of the fiscal year.


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation says three Eastern Shore counties have failed to file plans with the Maryland Department of the Environment to clean up the bay over the next two years.

Those were Caroline, Dorchester and Worcester Counties.

In addition, CBF and the Choose Clean Water Coalition noted that Dorchester had not submitted a milestone progress report.

Meanwhile, the environmental groups said that Wicomico County has secured $700-thousand in county and outside grants…to begin designing and installing clean-up measures.

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SNOW HILL, Md. (AP) - The Worcester County Commissioners now have bulletproof clipboards.

George Tunis, CEO of Hardwire LLC in Pocomoke City, which manufactures the clipboards, handed out the clipboards to the commissioners at a meeting on Tuesday.

The county bought 61 clipboards and 33 shields. The shields will be distributed to workers in the county's main government office building, courthouses and state's attorney's office.


The Route 13 bridge that connects Worcester and Somerset counties is expected to see some traffic pattern changes this morning as the state begins a $14.4 million upgrade project.

The State Highway Administration plans to replace bridge decks on the northbound lanes and resurface the decks on the southbound lanes.

The state also plans to repair steel beams and concrete surfaces of the bridge piers.

It will also get a new paint job.

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The federal government has proposed removing several areas in Worcester County from the flood plain maps.

And that has the County Commissioners concerned it could lead to residents dropping their flood insurance policies.

Ed Tudor, director of Development, Review and Permitting, emphasized to the Salisbury Daily Times that these changes were only being proposed.

Worcester County Government

With a growth of more than 5-thosuand residents over the last decade the Worcester County Commissioners have decided to draw up some new districts.

And they are going to get some public input at hearings set for the end of July and August 1st.

The last census in 2000 resulted in adding two more commissioners bringing the total to seven.

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The Worcester County Commissioners gave their approval to a $168 million operating budget for the next fiscal year that begins July 1st.

That’s a $2.7 million increase over last year and leaves the property tax rate unchanged. 

The spending blueprint includes a new school safety plan that will take effect this fall.

The new measures provide for uniformed officers in each of the county’s schools.

The first year will cost almost $600-thousand in the first year with the price tag decreasing to $486-thousand in the following years.

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OAKLAND, Md. (AP) - Maryland officials are concerned about a possible gypsy moth outbreak in parts of the state.

The Times-News of Cumberland reports that the amount of acreage in Garrett County to be treated for gypsy moths has more than quadrupled this year.

The treatment of nearly 12,000 acres will likely start around May 20, depending on the weather, and spraying is also expected in Worcester and St. Mary's counties as well as in other states.


Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan wants the Worcester County Commissioners to restore grant funding to  $4.2 million – that is as it was four years ago.

Meehan argued that the resort represents 60 percent of the county tax base but receives a smaller percentage of the grants compared to the tax revenue produced by the towns of Berlin Snow Hill or Pocomoke City.

Ocean City is responsible for $75 million in property tax revenue.


Some Maryland lawmakers are hoping to crackdown on the smuggling of cigarettes.

The measure in Annapolis would create a mandatory $150 fine per carton for anyone who tried to smuggle cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Yesterday state police said they have been catching smugglers mostly along Route 113 in Worcester County.

State authorities say there was a 150 percent increase in the amount of smokes seized last month when compared to this time last year.


The list of road repairs in Wicomico County has been mounting over the years with county highway user fees going to transportation projects throughout the state.

This year the money the county is getting will see a major bump from $343-thousand in the last fiscal year to $615-thosuand in 2013.

But Wicomico County officials say that will still not make much of a dent in the backlog of highway projects that have zero funding.

SNOW HILL, Md. (AP) - Worcester County's planning director says it's too soon to say how a new climate change executive order will affect the county.

Worcester County planning director Ed Tudor says it certainly can't hurt, adding the state is already facing rising sea levels and sinking ground. Tudor told The Daily Times of Salisbury some projects could be affected, but he was waiting to see a Department of Natural Resources report called for in the order.

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Ocean City wants Worcester County to give it a tax break for duplicate services for such things as parks public safety and environmental programs.

Resort officials say they should not have to pay for services offered by the county but that the Town provides for itself.

Last month, the Ocean City Town Council sent a letter requesting – what  is called -- a tax differential to ease the burden on property taxpayers.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that this is not the first time the resort has asked for such a break.

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The federal government is suing the Worcester County for gender discrimination at the Worcester County Liquor Control Board.

The US Equal employment Opportunity Commission alleges that Donna Smith Kylesh Connor and Sharee Dale were willfully paid less than their male counterparts.

The women are seeking back pay and wages reaching back to July 1st of last year when Worcester county took over from the independent state-based Liquor Control Board.

Worcester county officials say the state’s environmental plans to reduce water pollution are just too costly and could require more staffing than the County can provide.

State of Maryland wants more than 570 acres of impervious surfaces like streets or parking to be removed while installing hundreds of acres of filtering strips and forest buffers.

In addition, it would require upgrading nearly 2-thousand septic tanks.

Worcester County officials say they will provide $100-thousand to produce the movie ”Ping-Pong Summer” that will be filmed in Ocean City at the end of summer.

The resort has pledged a matching amount.

$300-thousand from the Maryland Film Office for the film fell through.

Lisa Challenger, the county’s tourism director told the Salisbury Daily Times, that if the funding gap is not met then the film might not happen.

Liquor dispensary sales and profits in Somerset County had one of the worst years on record.

A recent audit found that sales dropped by more than $70-thousand while profits declined by over $26-thousand for the fiscal year ending in April.

Certified public accountant Scott Tawes told the Somerset County Council that the Route 13 store north of Pocomoke city had the worst year with sales dropping by more than $38-thousand from a year ago.

For the first time in seven years the Worcester County Commissioners have voted to raise the property tax.

The $165.9 million operating budget for the 2013 fiscal year will see a 7 cent hike in the property tax for a rate of 77 cents of $100 of assessed property value.

In addition, there will be a 2 percent cost-of-living pay hike for county employees.

Commission President Bud church told the Salisbury Daily Times that much of the problem lies with the state passing along half the cost of teacher pension payments to the counties.


           Worcester County residents could be facing a hike of as much as 7.25 cents in their property tax rate to close a $17 million budget shortfall.

            Worcester Commissioners say they do not want to raise the property tax.

            But the Salisbury Daily Times reports this could be changing.

            Commission President Bud Church told the paper that he felt a tax increase is inevitable.



        Governor Martin O'Malley's plan to shift million of dollars in teacher pension fund costs to local counties is drawing strong opposition from Eastern Shore legislators and officials. 

        Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush has a look at the opposition and a proposed compromise. 

        Editors Note: Editorial work for Story from Melany Parlaman.