Wicomico Middle School

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The Wicomico County Board of Education gave its approval to redistricting that would move 150 students out of Bennett Middle School.

90 would go to Salisbury Middle School and another 60 would wind up at Wicomico Middle School..

Despite objections from parents the vote was 5-to-0.

Parents of seventh graders could keep their children at Bennett Middle School if they provide transportation.

The decision will effect grades five through seven.

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There is a plan to move 150 students from Bennett Middle School to avoid overcrowding.

Wicomico Public School system would move 90 to Salisbury Middle School and another 60 to Wicomico Middle School.

The school system has held two public hearings to get community input.

But the Salisbury Daily Times reports that some parents feel they have not been heard.

Allison Veals told the paper that she felt it didn’t matter what they told school officials.

Veals has a daughter in the seventh grade at Bennett Middle School.

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The Wicomico Middle School will be closed today and tomorrow following a power outage yesterday morning. 

Superintendent John Fredericksen issued a statement that the facility would not be open again until Monday.

Parents were able to pick up the students yesterday after a second power failure as fire crew arrived for a call about an electrical blaze fire.

WBOC reports that Salisbury Fire Chief Richard Hoppes said that fire crews from Salisbury, Parsonsburg and Delmar responded to the scene where the blaze is believed to have started in a mechanical room.