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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Gov. Larry Hogan has announced new initiatives aimed at boosting job creation.

Hogan made the announcement at a news conference Wednesday.

He says it's an effort to build on legislation approved this year. The law provides incentives for manufacturing companies to create jobs in areas with higher unemployment by providing a tax credit for each new job created. Hogan says in less than six months, nearly 70 manufacturers have filed letters of intent to participate, and 17 have filed official applications that would create about 450 new jobs.

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The Wicomico County Council has confirmed the appointment of Dawn Mitchel Parks as the new director of finance.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Parks has work in the finance department and has served as acting director since the dismissal in May of Leslie Lewis by County Executive Bob Culver.

Parks is about to undergo examination to become a certified public finance officer.

She has also served as the Eastern Shore representative for the Maryland Government Employee’s Retirement Investment Trust.

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A suspicious letter has shown up in the personnel file of a Wicomico County employee calling for a raise.

An independent audit calls the letter potentially fraudulent.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the document is dated November 19th, 2015 and made the case for a raise for an unnamed county employee by a department head.

The paper reports that the department head has denied any involvement in the letter.

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Wicomico County will resume – what’s known as – tax sales.

That is property sold by the county to bidders who promise to pay the tax and sometimes more.

County Executive Bob Culver cancelled last year’s sales trying to recoup the back taxes by other means including payment plans.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that this year Wicomico County put out the required ads in the Daily Record which has a greater focus on legal, business and government affairs.       

They have a much smaller circulation in Wicomico County than the local papers.


A third party report on the fire service to Wicomico County has issued ten recommendations to resolve the dispute with the city of Salisbury.

For years the city has said that it should be compensated for its fire department and EMS service to nearby county areas.

Among the ten recommendation one says that Wicomico County should pay the city $288 for each fire call into the suburban areas.

This would be in addition to the grant that the county pays to each fire station.

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Wicomico County voters gave their approval to a set of charter amendments that would expand the power of the County Council.

They received from 62 percent to 77 percent of the vote.

The measures included changing the role of the county attorney representing the council to control of personnel policy in the executive branch.

County Council president John Cannon told WBOC that he was pleased with the results.

Last week County Executive Bob Culver said that while he was not against the amendments but believed the council needed to get more input from the public.

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SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - A county Republican headquarters in Maryland has been vandalized with language bashing Donald Trump.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that messages in spray paint appeared on the Wicomico Republican headquarters early Saturday morning. Someone disparaged the Republican nominee for president with foul language.

The vandal or vandals also drew Xs through campaign signs for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Szeliga.

Shawn Jester, president of the Wicomico County Republicans, said the vandalism was "cleaned up pretty quickly."

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Voters on the Eastern Shore flocked to the polls during the early voting period that ended yesterday.

Anthony Gutierrez, Election Director for Wicomico County, told WBOC that the goal had been to hit at least 10-thousand.

In Worcester County just over 63-hundred had gone to the polls while in Dorchester County the number was just over 32-hundred.

In Somerset County it was just over 23-hundred.

WBOC reports that election officials say early voting was up 18 percent from four years ago.

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The emergence of the large chicken house operations has caused a stir in Wicomico County. Residents near a proposed 10 house operation near Naylor Mill Road have protested the project and led to the County Council to draw up new regulations for these types of operations. In part three of our series Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush looks at the residents, the local officials and the fight over the new regulations.

Don Rush

The prospect of big chicken house operations in Wicomico county drew a large audience at the Youth and Civic Center last night.

It was last chance for many of the residents who are concerned about the impact of these large operations on local developments to speak to the County Council before they make their decision on the proposed regulations.

Residents have been critical of two proposed projects including one just north of Salisbury along Naylor Mill Road.

Eddie Johnson got up to the microphone to call on the county to keep these projects from moving forward.