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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - NASA is adding a third company to its short list of space station suppliers.

On Thursday, NASA announced Sierra Nevada Corp. will join SpaceX and Orbital ATK in launching cargo to the International Space Station. These flights, yet to be finalized, will  run through 2024.

Sierra Nevada competed for NASA's commercial crew contract, but lost out in 2014 to SpaceX and Boeing. This marks a second chance for the Nevada-based company, which is developing a mini shuttle. The other companies use standard-shaped capsules.


There will be a new $6 million fire station on Wallops Island.

Construction is set to begin later in July and is expected to be completed a year from now.

The current fire station was established thirty years ago and was supposed to be temporary.

But the failure of the Antares rocket that exploded just second after liftoff at the Wallops Flight Facility has spurred construction after a half a decade of planning.

Currently, the fire station has to be evacuated every time there is a rocket launch like the Antares.


NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - The Virginia Commercial Spaceflight Authority says repairs to its launch pad on Wallops Island will likely take a year.

Frog Caught in Liftoff

Sep 13, 2013
Chris Perry / Wallops Flight Facility

If you haven’t heard already a frog took probably the most famous jump of its life last Friday night.

A photograph of the unfortunate amphibian was seen rising up with the launch of the moon mission that lifted off from the NASA Wallops flight Facility in Virginia.

The shot was taken by flight facility staff photographer Chris Perry which shows the outline of a the frog against the blast from the rocket .

And the photo went viral.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that a Google search for NASA frog yesterday…found 12.6 million hits.

Wallops Island Flight Facility, nasa.gov

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. (AP) - NASA has launched a suborbital rocket for the Department of Defense from its Wallops Island Facility on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

NASA says the Terrier-Lynx rocket was launched Tuesday evening.

The space agency plans to launch a second Terrier-Lynx rocket on Saturday night. The rocket could be visible to residents in the Mid-Atlantic. 


NASA has rescheduled the launch of this morning’s suborbital sounding rocket from its Wallops Island Flight facility for Friday between 6:30 am and 10:30 am.

The university experiments on board are part of the educational project called RockSat X.

Program is aimed at providing students with the opportunity to design build and test their experiments.

The project is a joint effort between NASA and the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. (AP) - NASA's Wallops Flight Facility has more than 3 million cubic yards of new sand protecting the Wallops Island shoreline.

The storm damage reduction project was completed earlier this month.

The project was designed to help buffer Wallops' critical launch assets from the ocean.

Workers are now installing sand fencing to help protect the beach from erosion. In the fall, beach grass will be planted.

More sand is planned for the island ever three to seven years, depending on the need.

NASA Wallops Flight Facility

A special rocket launch lifted off this at 6:39 a.m. this morning from the Wallops Island Flight Facility with 17 education experiments on board.

The sub-orbital Terrier-Improved Orion sounding rocket is carrying experiments built by university instructors and students from across the country through programs conducted with the Colorado and Virginia and Space Grant Consortia.

The programs are designed to give participants an introduction to building small experiments that can be found on sounding rockets.


For some students and teachers, this may be the chance of a lifetime.

Beginning Saturday, the NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility will hold its Rocket Academy for Teachers and Students (WRATS) and “RockOn!” workshop.

With feet planted safely on the ground, more than 100 college students and educators from around the country will get a peek into the life of a rocket scientist during the Flight Facilities’ “Rocket Week” June 16-22.


       ATLANTIC, Va. (AP) - The launch of five suborbital rockets from Virginia's coast is being rescheduled again.

     NASA had planned to launch the rockets early Friday, following several earlier postponements due to bad weather. Cloudy skies at three viewing sites in Virginia, New Jersey and North Carolina forced the agency to postpone the launch. The launch requires clear skies

     NASA says it will decide Friday afternoon whether to attempt the launch Sunday morning.