Vance Phillips

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9:20 am
Wed September 10, 2014

Delaware Primaries Set GOP Slate, While Sussex County Sees Shake Up

Ken Simpler
Credit campaign website

The results from the Delaware primary are in with a couple of upsets in Sussex County.

Ken Simpler Wins GOP Treasurer Primary

NEWARK, Del. (AP) - Financial executive Ken Simpler has won Delaware's Republican primary for state treasurer.

Simpler defeated Milford businesswoman Sher Valenzuela in Tuesday's primary.

He advances to take on Democrat Sean Barney in November.

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10:22 am
Thu May 22, 2014

Delaware NAACP Blasts Two Sussex County Members Over Grant Vote

Credit NAACP official logo

The recent decision by two members of the Sussex County Council not to provide a grant of $100 each to a youth program by the NAACP has caused an uproar. Council members Sam Wilson and Vance Phillips decided not to provide the grant because the organization's name included the phrase for the advancement of colored people, which they felt was discriminatory. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush spoke with Richard Smith, president of the state NAACP, who said after he appeared before the council this week to protest the vote Phillips did reach out to him in an email.

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8:58 am
Wed May 21, 2014

NAACP Demands Apology from Sussex County Council Members

Credit NAACP logo

Supporters of the NAACP blasted two members of the Sussex County Council yesterday when they withheld a $100 grant each for the civil rights organization calling it’s a discriminatory group.

Council member Sam Wilson took offense at the phrase colored people in the organization’s name and he was joined by fellow council member Vance Phillips.

Jane Hovington, president of the local NAACP chapter whose grant was turned down told the council members they owned the renowned organization an apology not just to the civil rights group but the people of Sussex County.

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9:45 am
Wed May 14, 2014

The Lord's Prayer: Could It Come Back to Sussex County Council?

Credit creative commons

With a recent federal court decisions to allow the recitation of Christian prayer by clergy at local government meetings some on the Sussex County Council want to bring back the offering of the Lord’s Prayer.

Under a settlement agreement the County Council agreed to end the practice and merely recite the less sectarian 23rd Psalm.

During a 25-minute discussion yesterday Council member Sam Wilson urged his fellow council members to move back to the practice.

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9:33 am
Wed May 14, 2014

Declining Grant Money Over NAACP Name in Sussex County

Sussex County Council Vice President Sam Wilson
Credit sussex

The NAACP Youth Council will not be getting $100 grants each from Sussex County Council members Vance Phillips and Sam Wilson because they object to word colored people in the name of the civil rights organization.

Wilson told the county finance director to take his name off when it came to providing the grant to the NAACP Youth council asking someone to tell him what the letters NAACP stand for.

When told Council member Vance Phillips joined Wilson who added that sounded like discrimination to him.

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7:47 am
Thu May 8, 2014

Sussex County Council Tightens Height Restrictions on Buildings

Fairfield Inn & Suites
Credit Fairfield Inn & Suites website

The Sussex County Council voted 4-to-0 to close a loophole in its building code that allowed some commercial and residential buildings to be higher than the 42 foot height restriction.

Council member Vance Phillips who has opposed the change was not present for Tuesday’s vote.

A public or semi-public clause in the code had allowed projects like the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites to be constructed on Delaware Route 1.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that only government owned buildings will now be allowed to use the 60-foot exception.

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2:06 pm
Thu April 10, 2014

Vance Phillips Will Run Again in Sussex County Despite GOP Opposition

Sussex County Council member Vance Phillips
Credit official photo

16 year veteran of the Sussex County Council Vance Phillips is being urged not to run for another term by the county republican chairman John Reilly.

But Phillips says he will run anyway.

In an email Reilly wrote that vote by the local GOP was unanimous.

Phillips is facing a lawsuit which charged him with sexual misconduct including rape.

Phillips denies the charges.

But Reiley wrote that the lawsuit which is set to be heard next year…promises to be “an ugly political battle” that would hurt the GOP.

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7:45 am
Thu March 20, 2014

Doubts About Wetlands Expansion by Two Sussex County Council Members

Two Sussex County Council members are expressing their doubts about the interest by a state committee in regulating development of 4-thousand acres of privately owned wetlands.

Council members Sam Wilson from Georgetown and Vance Phillips  both fear this interest by the Wetland Advisory Committee set up by the state could hamper farming.

But, the Wilmington News Journal reports that yesterday Council member George Cole told his colleagues that he did not believe this was an attack on farming.

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10:16 am
Wed November 13, 2013

Punkin Chunkin Gets Financial Break From Sussex County Council

Sussex County Council member Vance Phillips
Credit official photo

Don't go anywhere.

That's the message form the Sussex County Council who agreed to take care of a $17-hundred bill the Punkin Chunkin event organizers got for EMS services.

Council member Vance Phillips made the motion to forgive the first $1-thousand of the bill and to give the Association that puts on the event another $720 from his discretionary fund.

That's meony each council member has for non-profit organizations.

The vote for debt foregiveness was 3-to-2 with council member Joan Deaver and council president Mike Vincent opposed.

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1:05 pm
Fri October 11, 2013

Medical and Financial Records, Kept Under Wraps in Vance Phillips Case

Sussex County Council member Vance Phillips
Credit official photo

There will be no public disclosure of medical or financial documents in the sexual assault case brought against Sussex County Council member Vance Phillips by Katelynn Dunlap who is seeking unspecified damages.

The judge in the case has ordered her attorneys to keep those confidential including one that shows he was a crime victim.

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9:55 am
Tue May 14, 2013

Sexual Assault Suit Against Vance Phillips; OC Manager David Recor Faces Restraining Court Order

Sussex County Council member Vance Phillips
Credit Sussex County website

Vance Phillips

A lawsuit has been filed against veteran Sussex County council member Vance Phillips claiming that he sexually assaulted a young woman after encouraging her to become involved in politics.

The complaint claims that Phillips forced sex on the woman several times in 2011 just after she turned 18.

The suit alleges that Phillips threatened the young woman not to tell anyone.

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