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Observing some tall Sycamore trees, Delmarva Public Radio Essayist George Merrill ponders their hidden connectiveness beneath the surface.

Save the Trees

Apr 18, 2017

It’s time to save the trees.

That’s the word from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources as it urges people beware of the emerald ash borer.

In 2003 they killed thousands of ash trees.

WBOC reports that the destructive insect has been found in Queen Anne’s, Talbot and Dorchester counties.

Signs include increased woodpecker activity or the thinning of leaves.

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With our self-absorbed world of high tech devices we may have lost our sense of connection with the world around us. Delmarva Public Radio Essayist George Merrill writes that we could take a lesson from the tree.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Severe storms brought down trees and power lines throughout the mid-Atlantic region, affecting some roads and rail service.

Transportation agencies around the region reported some roads closed Wednesday morning by downed trees and wires and flooding. Amtrak is warning that service between Washington and Philadelphia is delayed. Maryland's MARC rail services is reporting delays too.

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As we whisk our way along the roads of Delmarva trees dot the landscape, popping up here and there and running along the highways that we traverse. For Delmarva Public Radio Essayist George Merrill these trees are the symbol of resilience and life.