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New County Council Executive Tom Gordon has restored funding for a start-up stock exchange in Wilmington.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that the county leader is using tax reserves for the project.

But County Council member Penrose Hollins called the move “money laundering” and it is expected to set off another fight over how the county invests its funds.

The council has already authorized $10-thousand to explore the legality of Gordon’s action.

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New Castle County officials are looking at using $3 million that are supposed to go toward parks to help with the start-up costs of a private stock exchange.

The money would come from the Garstin Trust Fund and would be put into the Delaware Board of Trade Holdings to establish the Wilmington exchange for small and medium sized stocks.

The County Council is expected to consider the proposal at its meeting next week.


There will be no investigation by New Castle County into the traffic stop that caused the dismissal of former chief administrative officer David Grimaldi.

The county council turned back a call for an outside investigation into the offer by Elsmere Mayor Steve Burg to  “yank” the ticket given to Grimaldi.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that on October 27th police discovered that Grimaldi was driving with a suspended license for failing to pay a ticket after he was pulled over.

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There has been a call from local government officials for an investigation into the traffic stop that officially led to the dismissal of former New Castle County Chief Administrator David Grimaldi. 

The Elsmere town Council and New Castle County Council member Lisa Diller want a probe by state Attorney General Matt Denn.

Diller is planning on co-sponsoring a measure that calls for an independent investigation into the dismissal by New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon.

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New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon says last Tuesday he dismissed the county’s chief administrative officer David Grimaldi because he tried to use his political influence during a traffic stop two days before.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that an Elsmere police officer pulled Grimaldi over while he was driving with a suspended driver’s license.

The paper reports Grimaldi as telling the officer, “You know your mayor works for me.”

Gordon says Grimaldi was clearly trying to influence the outcome of the stop.

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A top New Castle County official has suddenly been fired.

The county’s Administrative Officer David Grimaldi told the Wilmington News Journal that he had been dismissed over the phone yesterday by County Executive Tom Gordon.

He told the paper it occurred when Grimaldi questioned Gordon about his risk manager.

Grimaldi said he believes she is Gordon’s girlfriend.

He said he raised questions about her after receiving several hostile workplace complaints.

Grimaldi told the paper that he is thinking about running against Gordon.

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The New Castle County police will begin using body cameras as the nation reels from another officer involved shooting caught on camera.

The department has begun a pilot program and becomes the largest in the state to use them.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that state Attorney General Matt Denn said it is his intent that every officer in the state will wear one.

The Delaware NAACP which has pushed for their use praised New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon and other local leaders for moving ahead with the program.

The Democratic field is already shaping up for next year’s gubernatorial race in Delaware.

New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon is not ruling out a run in 2016.

He told the Wilmington News Journal that he had not made up his mind yet.

Campaign news has already been made by Governor Jack Markell who said the Delaware Congressman John Carney would be a terrific choice.

Markell defeated the Delaware Democrat in winning the governorship.


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If you are one of the 15-hundred who work for the New Castle County government you could get a onetime bonus of $750.

County Executive Tom Gordon wants the County Council to approve the payment to reward employees for their efforts during a time of austerity.

The county budget had a surplus of $1.5 million at the end of the last fiscal year.

The cost of the bonus would eat up most of that coming in at just over a million dollars.

It would still leave $300-thousand in the till.

ROCKLAND, Del. (AP) - New Castle County has canceled a deer hunt planned for next week in a Rockland public park after neighbors raised concerns.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that County Executive Tom Gordon says officials will look at nonlethal ways to thin the deer population around Woodley Park.

Gordon says there are serious health and traffic problems associated with the deer, but the community is split.

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - One Delaware county is barring government-funded travel to Indiana over a new religious-objections law that has raised concerns that gays and lesbians could face discrimination.

New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon signed an executive order Wednesday, saying the county is reviewing travel plans for all employees. Gordon says he's not aware of any upcoming government trips to the state, but the order was meant to send a message.

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New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon says he want to create a policy that will help many of the homeless who find themselves sleeping outdoors and often trespassing on private property.

Gordon said he does not want to simply clear them out.

He suggested the options would include working with the county’s community services agencies to help find housing for the homeless.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that there is no firm way to know how many people are homeless or living in camps.

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New Castle County Auditor Robert Wasserbach denounced – what he called – a “cowardly” effort to diminish his probe into the county’s second in command David Grimaldi.

The investigation is looking into switching of $92 million to money manager UBS without going through the bidding process.

Wasserbach says that his report will look at whether the county’s finance managers actually abided by county policy when investing the county surplus.

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NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) - New Castle County officials are launching a new initiative to warn people about the dangers of heroin.

The campaign, to be discussed at a news conference Thursday, is aimed at teenagers and at making suburban, middle class families aware that heroin use is happening in their communities as well as in the inner city.

County Executive Tom Gordon and County Police Chief Col. E.M. Setting were among the officials scheduled to be on hand to discuss the effort.

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New Castle County plans to spend $7.7 million on the Glasgow Park.

They plan to upgrade historic buildings, improve its farmers market and build a petting zoo.

County Executive Tom Gordon also plans to build a state of the art library.

He told the Wilmington News Journal that it’s all part of his effort to spend the money where it will do the most good.

A developer wanted the land that is now the park for commercial development before the county purchased the land and its historic buildings for $15 million eleven years ago.

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Two top New Castle County official knew there was a problem with billing errors for sewer ratepayers but took no steps to fix the problem.

That’s the conclusion of a draft report which found that the county’s finance department should have notified County Executive Tom Gordon about the problem.

Auditor Bob Wasserbach told the Wilmington News Journal that he found it troubling that the widespread billing problems were not addressed until he was informed.

He said apparently the finance department decided to address the issue on a customer by customer complaint basis.

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NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) - The New Castle County auditor is examining the transfer of $92 million of the county government's reserve account to the United Bank of Switzerland.

The Wilmington News Journal reports the transfer was made shortly after New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon took office in November 2012.

Auditor Bob Wasserbach says he's reviewing whether the County Council should have voted on the transfer or whether it should have been put up for a public bid.

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New Castle County would pay $9 million for the old General Motors plant on Boxwood Road near Newport.

The site was supposed to have housed a facility for Fisker Automotive – a deal that fell through when financing collapsed.

Councilman George Smiley said the county is looking for some kind of manufacturing but not an automotive company.

County Executive Tom Gordon told the Wilmington News Journal that he was looking to attract high-paying jobs.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - New Castle County firefighters are calling for a new property tax to help pay for emergency medical services.

But the Wilmington News Journal reports that County Executive Tom Gordon says he'll fight it. State legislation would be needed to allow the county to create a special assessment to pay for emergency medical services.

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A Maryland legislative panel voted yesterday to raise the state

Minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour over three years.  

But they turned back an effort to index it to compensate for future inflation.

In addition, lawmakers delayed the implementation of the hikes by six months from June 1st to January 1st.

The vote in the House Economic matters Committee was 13-to-8.

The Chief of staff for New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon is facing a strange harassment complaint containing apparent anti-Semitic references.

Radio Station WDEL reports that on two separate occasions a homeowner in Autumwood near the state line with Pennsylvania found a letter address to Gordon criticizing Dave Grimaldi who is Italian and Jewish.

Gordon spokesman Tony Prado tells WDEL that the letter read in part “Send the bad apple Grimaldi back to New York.”

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New Castle County Council member Lisa Diller charged the administration of County Executive Tom Gordon with waging “a war on women.”

The issue surrounds an incident that occurred at a September 10th council meeting in which Diller raised her voice, angrily telling the County Attorney who is black to brief the council about a lawsuit involving the county and developers.

Gordon sent an email to her saying that her comments were part of a pattern of demeaning behavior and condescension by council members toward his aides.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon is enacting the county's first-ever nepotism policy.

WDEL-AM reports that the policy forbids hiring anyone to a position in which they'll be supervised by a relative. However, relatives are allowed to work in the same department.

The nepotism policy applies to all new hires, re-hires and future promotions or transfers.

Gordon says he hopes the new policy will ensure hiring, supervision and management are fair and that will boost public confidence in the county.

There will be no property tax increase this year for New Castle County residents.

But the 13 member county council did add a 3.9 percent rate increase to the proposed sewer budget while eliminating a proposed $2.2 million transfer from county reserves.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that the late-night votes capped a week of heated exchanges including a charge that the proposed cuts by County Executive Tom Gordon were politically motivated.

In addition, the council made nearly $2.8 million in cuts to Gordon’s proposed operating budget.

The lawsuit to overturn the development plans for the Barley Mill Plaza office complex will resume April 22nd.

The case has been delayed after documents surfaced that New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon charged showed a potential for wrongdoing connected to the development.

Chancery Court Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock III imposed a delay without reviewing the documents adding it could turn into a criminal matter.

Barley Mill development plans (file)

There might be a criminal dimension to the Barley Mill redevelopment lawsuit.

A set of mystery documents has delayed the court proceedings indefinitely after new Castle County attorneys told the court that they had found papers which could show criminal wrongdoing.

Incoming Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams is calling for traffic studies before the Barley Mill Plaza development project receives any kind of government approval.

Williams says he is concerned that the large-scale commercial development could have a negative impact on revitalization efforts in downtown Wilmington and the River Front.

The announcement follows New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon’s statements that he agreed with a citizen group suing the county over the Barley Mill project. 

Their suit is now headed to Delaware’s Chancery Court.


HOCKESSIN, Del. (AP) - Candidates for New Castle County executive and Council president are offering different views on how to manage the city's police department.

The News Journal of Wilmington, Del. reports that during a debate Monday in Hockessin, Republican Council president candidate Mike Protack proposed adding 25 police officers a year in each of the next four to five years.

His Democratic opponent, Chris Bullock, says the city should focus on better deployment practices.

The Delaware AFL-CIO is backing Tom Gordon in the race for New Castle County Executive.

He held that job from 1997 to 2004.

He is one of four candidates including incumbent Paul Clark in the Democratic Primary on September 11th.

Gordon said he was humbled by the endorsement giving him boots on the ground to turnout the vote.

The AFL-CIO is made up of 110 union locals with 28-thousand members state wide.

Seventy-five percent of them are in New Castle County.