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Jack Heath was sworn in last night to succeed Terry Cohen to the Salisbury City Council.

Heath was appointed by the four remaining council members from a dozen applicants after Cohen abruptly resigned citing personal obligations

He said that his top priority is revitalization of the city and bringing more jobs into the municipality.

Heath is the former CEO of Lower Shore enterprises which provides job training and assistance to the disabled.

He also currently serves as a Volunteer Fire Officer in Fruitland.

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68-year old Jack Heath is set to succeed Terry Cohen on the Salisbury City Council.

Last night the council met and announced their choice out of dozen applicants.

Heath was the former CEO of Lower Shore Enterprises which provides job assistance and training for the disabled.

He said that he would rely on his decades of business experience in an effort to revive the local economy.

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There are 12 candidates who have applied to fill the seat on the Salisbury City Council vacated by Terry Cohen who abruptly left the council due to personal obligations.

The four remaining council members interviewed all of the candidates yesterday afternoon during a three and a half hour session.

Council member Tim Spies told the Salisbury Daily Times that he was pleased with the variety of the candidate’s backgrounds.

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The Salisbury City Council took the first steps last night to replace Terry Cohen who abruptly announced she was leaving the council due to personal obligations.

So, now, it will be up to the four remaining council members to choose a new member by early September.

Council President Jake Day said they would be receiving applications with a deadline of August 25th.


The Salisbury City Council will now be looking for a replacement for council member Terry Cohen who announced this week that she was stepping down as of this Friday due to personal reasons.

She is one of the longest serving members.

The council will now have until September 5th to replace Cohen.

Council President Jake Day told the Salisbury Daily Times that the council will look at how best to deal with the application process at its meeting next Monday on August 11th.

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Salisbury Council member Terry Cohen says she is resigning citing family obligations in the coming months.

Her resignation date is effective August 8th.

Cohen made the announcement at the end of last night’s meeting.

She said in the last ten months or so she and her family have had major life changes that include a recent tragic loss.

Cohen said what lies ahead will demand too much attention to continue on the council at the level she demands of herself.

Cohen was elected in 2007 and won a second term in 2011.

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Salisbury is moving toward drawing up five separate districts for its city council from the two districts it now has.

Council President Jake Day along with council Vice President Laura Mitchell and council member Shanie Shields voted to put the plan on the August 11th meeting agenda.

Supporters of the plan say they want the system in place for the September 9th primary next year.

But objections came from to other council members.

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The Salisbury City Council signed off Monday night on the sale of the old Fire Station 16 to a local developer pending final completion of the contract by the end of August.

The $85-thousand deal was $10-thousand more than G Plus Properties LLC had offered in April.

The vote was unanimous but the Salisbury Daily Times reports that Council member Terry Cohen abstained, citing “moral misgivings”.

Cohen noted that the property had been appraised at nearly $800-thousand as recently as five years ago.

No Skate Park in Salisbury

Nov 21, 2012
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There will be no new skate park in Salisbury.

The majority on the City Council ripped up plans to build the facility on the east end of the City Park.

Council President Terry Cohen said that with the construction phase of the project costing $262-thousand she said it is clear that this will be a regional attraction.

She added this would mean that the city would be taking on – what is a county responsibility with a lot of needs for ensuring its sustainability.

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A proposal to limit Salisbury City employees access to social media sites on work computers has drawn charges of violating their free speech rights.

Council member Debbie Campbell called for reworking the plan so as not to “trample on people’s First Amendment rights.”

During a work session yesterday Council President Terry Cohen said that the new rules need to avoid even a hint of trying to suppress free speech outside of legitimate government concerns.

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The Rivers Edge luxury condominium project in Salisbury got a the green light from the City Council last night after being turned down by the council majority in May.

Council President Terry Cohen called the project an engine for downtown redevelopment.

The new plans by the Annapolis-based Osprey Property Company will still have income-restricted apartments but will also be initially offered to painters, dancers, poets and musicians among others involved in the arts.

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The City of Salisbury has gotten a reprieve on the deadline for a $1.4 million federal grant to hire 12 additional firefighters over a two year period.

Days after a City Council rejection of the grant because of a bureaucratic snafu Mayor Jim Ireton announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has given the town until September 4th.

He said that he sent a request to City Council President Terry Cohen to reconsider the grant.


The Salisbury City Council rejected a $1.4 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that would have funded 12 new firefighting positions over the next two years.

During last night’s work session Council member Debbie Campbell cited a bureaucratic requirement that the governing body approve the application before being submitted.

The Salisbury Daily Times also reports that Council President Terry Cohen said she wanted to know how the new positions would be affected if the city had to lay off staff members.

Water capacity fees for new developments look like they should be coming down in the city of Salisbury.

This week the City Council voted unanimously to cut the current fee by 65 percent – from $85-hundred to just under $34-hundred per equivalent dwelling unit.

Council President Terry Cohen noted that the reduction comes in the wake of the dramatic slowdown in growth.

Brad Gillis with the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce told the council that the cut in the capacity fees will help with the economic slowdown and put people back to work.  

Joe Albero may not have announced officially, but already he is getting scrutiny for an expected run for Mayor of Salisbury.  Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush looks at this controversial blogger's ideas for the city and his clashes with local leaders. 

There’s a $10 million settlement in the lawsuit filed by Salisbury against the engineering firm which designed the defective wastewater treatment plant.

Mayor Jim Ireton and Council President Terry Cohen signed the agreement last night with the firm O’Brien & Gere.

The company says it is doing so without any admission of fault.  

The city spent over $60 million on the plant.

The new design by the national firm Brown & Caldwell is expected to run another $60 million.

 Mayor Jim Ireton says he intends to veto the budget approved by the Salisbury City Council despite the 4-to-1 super majority vote.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Ireton told City Administrator John Pick to inform the Council he does not support this budget and to expect a veto.

The budget was approved with the dissent of Laura Mitchell. who  charged that the council majority had grossly overestimated some of next year’s projected revenues.


By 3-2 the Salisbury City Council this week ordered the City Attorney to draw up a charter amendment that would redraw the current council districts.

It would create a larger majority-minority district with two council members and a second at-large district with three council members.

In addition…the amendment would eliminate the staggered elections with all council members and the Mayor up for four-year terms in 2015.


There were no conflicts of interest.

That’s the ruling by the Salisbury city Ethics Commission in complaints leveled against almost all of the Council members including its top leadership as well as its legal counsel.

The opinions were written by Worcester County Attorney Sonny Bloxom who was appointed to hear the complaints against Council President Terry Cohen, Council Vice President Debbie Campbell council members Shanie Shields and Tim Spies as well as City Attorney Mark Tilghman.


            The Salisbury City Council has agreed to end staggered municipal elections.

            Council President Terry Cohen said that while the practice provided for continuity many voters felt it was just a form of – what she called -- re-election.

            The Salisbury Daly Times reports that eliminating the staggered voting would provide…elections for the Mayor’s office and all 5 Council seats every four years.

            The next municipal election is set for April of next year.


          The Salisbury City Council is set to take up proposals at its work session tonight to redraw district lines that could see the end of the at-large District 2.

            Council President Terry Cohen emphasized that the council body has not taken a position on any proposals or comments set forth by city staff or the public.

            Mayor Jim Ireton has offered three plans one of which would provide for only five council districts two of which would be majority minority districts.



Salisbury City Council President Terry Cohen dismisses call for her and Council Vice President Debbie Campbell to step down from their leadership positions. Delamarva Public Radio's Jamyla Krempel prepared a report.     



            Salisbury City Council member Laura Mitchell is calling on Council President Terry Cohen and Council Vice President Debbie Campbell to step down from their leadership positions.

            Mitchell charged that many stake holders in the city have lost faith in them.