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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Maryland State Police are investigating the death of a man who was shocked with a stun gun while being arrested by Ocean City police.

Authorities say an officer used his Taser while trying to arrest 28-year-old Byron Tunnell of Ocean City following a traffic stop late Monday night. Despite being stunned, Tunnell fled on foot, allegedly discarding drugs before being subdued, they say.

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GAITHERSBURG, Md. (AP) - County officials in Maryland have settled a civil rights violation claim with the family of a man who died after being shot by a Taser during a 2013 arrest.

Montgomery County's chief of litigation told The Baltimore Sun Thursday that the settlement Anthony Howard Sr.'s family was made without any admission of liability.

The Gaithersburg man was high on cocaine and behaving erratically when he encountered police in April 2013.


There was a tasing incident on the Ocean City boardwalk when a husband claimed one of the trams had hit his wife’s foot.

The Ocean City Police Department says that the man became disorderly and was stunned with a Taser by the arresting officer.

WBOC reports that the incident occurred around 6:30 p.m. last night.

Police tell the television station that the woman would not move out of the way of the tram and then claimed her foot had been struck.

Officials say that the woman declined to be treated by the emergency medical services.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - An analysis of Taser use in Maryland found that Baltimore police exceeded widely accepted safety limits for use of the stun guns than any other force in the state.

The Baltimore Sun analyzed data on the use of Tasers from 2012 to 2014. It found that Baltimore police used Tasers in nearly all cases with suspects who ignore orders, but otherwise were not deemed a threat.

In Baltimore, most of the suspects who were stunned were black and two thirds occurred in the city's lowest medium income neighborhoods.

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A lawyer has confirmed the identity of a Baltimore school police officer seen on video slapping and kicking a 16-year-old inside a school.

Attorney Mike Davey tells The Baltimore Sun that his client Anthony C. Spence of Baltimore thought the boy was trespassing on school grounds and questioned him. Davey said he could not go into specifics because of the ongoing investigation.

The 44-year-old Spence hung up when The Associated Press contacted him by phone.

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MILFORD, Del. (AP) - Delaware State Police say a man who was hospitalized in critical condition three weeks ago after being hit with a police stun gun has died.

Authorities say they are awaiting autopsy results on 35-year-old Lionel Waters, who died Saturday at a hospice center.

Investigators say Waters got into a struggle with police on Dec. 20 at a Milford home where troopers had gone to arrest another man.

Police say Waters was hit with a stun gun after brandishing a handgun and refusing commands to drop it.

OC Crime Rate Down

Aug 4, 2015
Don Rush

Ocean City has seen its crime fall by 8.3 percent as of late last month.

But, Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro said that there was a small increase in alcohol-related incidents.

In addition, he noted that officers used their Tasers less frequently.

This is despite the fact that the number of officers with Taser has risen from 20 to 70 over the last two years.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the figures came despite being the height of the tourist season.

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FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) - Incident reports show a mentally ill woman who died after being subdued with a stun gun at the Fairfax County jail was restrained at the hands and legs when she was shocked four times.

The Washington Post obtained incident reports in the February death of inmate Natasha McKenna. Documents show McKenna initially cooperated and agreed to be handcuffed. But she then began trying to fight her way out.

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The Salisbury Police Department has begun its pilot project of putting Tasers in the hands of its officers.

The police say the deployment of the weapon comes after extensive research, training and support from the Mayor and City Council.

Authorities say that studies show the Taser may deter violent behavior and cut down on injuries to both suspects and officers.

Officers are required to complete a certified training course before being issued a Taser.  

The Department will monitor their use for one year during the pilot program.

Delaware Man Chased and Arrested for 5th DUI

Sep 24, 2014
Delaware State Police

DOVER, Del. (AP) - A Delaware man has been arrested on his fifth DUI after police say he nearly hit a trooper and slammed his car into a patrol vehicle.

Delaware State Police say 34-year-old Steven Williams of Lewes led them on a chase in Dover before backing into a private driveway and stopping. When troopers ordered him to turn off the car, they say he accelerated and nearly hit a trooper before hitting a marked police car and driving away.

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A Dagsboro man who was Tasered by Seaford police has settled his civil suit against the city and one of the officers for $270-thosuand.

The incident was caught on videotape in which two Seaford officers pulled over Reginald Johnson, demanded he get out of the car without allow him much time to respond and then shot with him a Taser before roughly handcuffing him.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that afterward as Johnson protested that he had done nothing wrong, the two officers could be heard laughing and joking about planting drugs in Johnson’s car.

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Last night, the Salisbury City Council unanimously approved $12,500 in funding for nine tasers for the Police Department.

Council President Jake Day said, "There's no situation where you do not want somebody to live. That's not something anyone would ever want to see. And this, based on everything we're hearing, would prevent the loss of life."

Assistant Police Chief Ivan Barkley said that the devices would be used to prevent injuries to officers and detainees while using a controlled force when necessary.


The Dover police are looking into claims by 34 year old Jeremy Anderson who says he was shocked with a Taser a number of times by Rehoboth Beach police.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that a April 7th video shows Corporal Tyler Whitman using a Taser on the man several times and then kicking him in the head twice while two other officers handcuffed him.


The NBC affiliate in Philadelphia is reporting that 34-yar old Jeremy Anderson says he was tasered a number of times by three police officers in Rehoboth Beach.

And, a video tape of the incident has made its way onto the internet.

Anderson told the television station that he was tased in the chest and fell to the ground and then tased multiple times in the spine.

The recording shows officers shocking and kicking the man and a woman is heard saying she is the man’s wife and asking to be allowed to take him home.